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Welcome to the "Wings of the Luftwaffe" Group Build

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Is it possible to post also models in scale 1:48 in this GB??


Hello and thanks for asking!


This site is dedicated to the 1/35th and larger crowd, so a 1/48th kit isn't really allowed in the group builds. We realize that this restriction eliminates some folks from joining in, but our goal from the beginning has been to cater to the smaller group of LSP-ers out there.


You're certainly welcomed and encouraged to have a go at a larger scale kit!

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Any chance of an extention? :( ;)


As much as I'm looking forward to seeing your build get finished... No. Heck, I can't wait to see my build get finished! :(


I'll be opening a poll later for the theme of the next GB. Any unfinished builds can be moved into the Member Builds forum so everyone can continue to follow them.

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The Luftwaffe Group Build is officially concluded.


I will be drawing the name of the Raffle Prize winner in the next day or two. Remember, the builder who's name is drawn for this one will be winning a major prize from Cammett Ltd:


The Vintage Fighter Series 1/24 Scale P-40 Warhawk!!


Stay tuned.....

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