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I ask this in sheer ignorance, safe your weapons. I clearly have no idea of the complexities of having a live chat area or what responsibilities go with it. It was just some thing that maybe I shouldnt be wondering about. Perhaps part of our success is the separation... :unsure:


Anyone care to comment?





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I see your point Geoff, however, it could very well turn out to be a double edged sword! (I suspect that for safety/sanity reasons, the LSP mods would prefer it the way it is now?)...Just my 2c woth you understand! :unsure:





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Erwin did something like this a few years back with MSN messenger but it died out a little I think...it was very cool though.


The staff have tended to use Skype so that we could have a meeting to sort out tasks etc. It was very productive and helped a lot with communication...something often the best Engrish text can't do. I chat to Hacker most nights on Skype which is fun. I get to hear all about his harem of women... :P ...either that or I get files transfered showing me the latest updates or intel.


Geoff...I'd tend to go with skype as you can conference call and have a heap of guys talking all together. Chris S even had his webcam going one morning...very cool to be sitting in another country watching your buddy on the other end of the line. Mind you it hogs the bandwidth and being reception pigs we turned it off in favour of reduced delay (pick the online gamers with the low ping :rolleyes: ).


oh...Skype is free as well...easy to use.


Cheers Matty

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