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Trumpeter Yak-18 "Max"

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Thanks guys!!!


Erwin, you are right!! It is a pretty darn easy kit to build, and the cockpit is really well done out of the box. The worst part was the cowling. The cowling doesn't match up to the rest of the fuselage very well, and the cowling front is a separate piece, so you have a joint going all the way around that weird shape to deal with. I almost just left it.


After finishing this one, I went out and got the CJ-5 Nanchang - the Chinese updated trainer!!! It has a more typical radial engine front and is completely metal skinned, but it appears the cockpit is almost exactly the same. Actually I didn't buy it, one of my raffle tickets was drawn at the local model show, and that was one of the few 1/32nd kits that was available, so free is a very good price!!! A second winning raffle ticket scored me an Akatombo trainer - the same kit Erwin built - so I had a good day!!

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