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MDC Tony - My first model since the very tender age of 13

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I have been watching the forums over the last couple of years and had some great help from numerous people regarding my various questions etc. I returned to modeling around 4 years ago after having last completed a 1/72nd Airfix Hunter at the age of 13. I have several partially built builds - an MDC Typhoon (just waiting for a replacement elevator to move on), a FM Halifax, Xtrakit Canberra PR9. Fisher Sea Fury and the MDC Tony.


I am hoping to get two things out of making this post:


1) Feedback and critique, 2) Impetus to complete a model! and 3) says thanks to what is an amazing community of people. By the way Radu, your models are amazing and MDC have the best casting I have seen with incredible customer service (I snapped both of the fuselage halves being an idiot and MDC replaced them at no cost).


The following photos are not great and all of the shots show assemblies that are incomplete.


Incomplete instrument panel with placed rudder pedals, unpainted straps and no gunsight or guns!



Floor pan with seat fitted - but no armoured headrest



Floor pan - with lots of pieces missing including cocking handles etc



Right console - actually pretty much complete



Left console with floor pan wedged in



Left console with no floor pan





Thanks for looking and for your comments

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Well.. I can only say, that Radu, MDC and You, make a great triplet! Great work on the cockpit, I really like the shading on the small pieces and the convincing chipping on the floor! Keep the pictures coming!


georch, from Hungary

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Your first model since 13? how old are you now... 14? :blink:


cause that looks great! and certainly doesn't look like a first buid in years!!!


Thank you for your kind comments - I am now the tender age of 45 :rolleyes:


I have done a lot of reading of all the great builds on this site (and Hyperscale and Aircraftresourcecenter) and took a lot of notes!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks to everybody for their kind comments.


Here is the latest update from a couple of weeks ago - now looking to close the fuselage halves. I still need to radically improve my photography!














I am looking to rivet the Tony as all of the photos show that the rivets are very prominent on the natural metal airframes - this will also be a first :huh:


Bigger updates due soon.


Kind regards

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