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trumpeter mig 17F / 17PF

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have done one recently

as matt said, its an older mold

i didnt use any resin, but would recommend doing so (cockpit)

i just added seatbelts, a pitot tube, stretched hollow sprue for 20mm gunbarrels (the 30mm is just drilled out)

the suspension of the droptanks ist anywhere near the originals i have seen

be careful with the fit of the fuselage parts between front and rear (guess how i know)

you have to sharpen the rear of the wings, these are much too fat

get the osprey book on the vietnamese mig 17s for some good reference


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They are the FIRST Trumpeter kits. I read an interview with the founder of the company and these kits (along with the Mig 15) were hand crafted during his off hours at the plastics company he worked at. So don't expect current Trumpeter standards with them. I keep hoping that they repop the kits with new molds maybe for the 10th or 15th anniversary of the release. We really need a good Fresco in ALL of the scales.




This is a local Oregon IPMS mag that reprinted the IPMS Phillipines interview (first find on Google vs the actual IPMS Phillipines location)



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While Trumpeter's Mig-17 is not one of their better kits, with a bit of effort, it can be turned into a decent model with the help of some Cutting Edge resin, Eduard photo etch, a new vac form canopy and some simple modifications/corrections. I finished mine as a Polish Lim-6.


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Like everyone else says, one of their first releases.


On the other hand, their MiG-19's and MiG-21's are VERY nice! I have heard of a couple shape issues, but they are still head and shoulders above the MiG-15 and MiG-17. So if you are into MiG's, be sure to look for those two!!!

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