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F-16 Intake ??

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Which of the F-16 models/blocks used the "bigmouth" intake that Cutting Edge produces? Also, is the P&W exhaust cone necessary for the when using the bigmouth intake?




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Guest TimC

Blocks 30, 40 and 50 use the bigmouth intankes...Blocks 32, 42 and 52 use the small mouth intake. The Pratt & Whitney exhaust nozzle is only applicable to the 32, 42 and 52 block aircraft (and those prior to block 30). The larger intake F-16's use a different engine.






Oh, all these blocks from 30 on up are F-16C's. Block 40 series aircraft are F-16CG's and block 50 series aicraft are F-16CJ's.

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The first production run Block 30s all had the small mouth (NSI) intake. This also includes the Isreali Block 30 C models (not the D models) and all the F-16Ns. For USAF Block 30 F-16s, Serial numbers 86-0262 on up, all have the Big mouth intake. Block 30s with a SN below that, have the small mouth intake.


All Pratt powered F-16s have the small mouth intake, expect for VISTA.


Note that the CE Big mouth itnake is made to fit the Hasegawa 32nd F-16 kit.


Mike V

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