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Kits we would love to see

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Steve, personally, the PETE would easily be the coolest plane out of the whole list...

I agree! I love the Pete. Either in 1/32 or 1/24.

But, of course there is no way we will see it.

If I want it I'll have to scratch build it.

However, I'm both too busy and too lazy to do that.

Oh well. <_<

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Speaking of wish lists...


I heard a rumour that Falcon are considering releasing a range of vac canopies for the old Revell kits!

Although this is not a kit wish list, I would really like some decent windows for my Hurricane, 110, Fw 190D etc, etc... you guys know what I mean.


I already have a few of their other AM canopies and think they are brilliant.

Maybe they could take a look at the old Matchbox kits while they're at it.

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I can't resist peeking at these lists, and of course joining in. Can't remember the name of the member who pointed out the lack of MkIX spits in big scale, but the first manufacturer to produce a decent one in 1:24 will see a few fly off the shelves in my direction.


To add though I wish the powers that be would throw up a few of the less fashionable kits, and by that I mean non spit/P 51/109/190s.


How about an IL-2, or a 1:24 Macchi 202, Mig 3, early Yak. Storch, anybody?

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