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Kits we would love to see

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Ok guys here we go , I really belive we are living through one of the best times ever in modelling as regards

to the sheer number of new kits appearing in ever increasing numbers in all scales as well as the decals and

add ons etc , it seems anything is possible at the moment and long may it continue.

However there are still a few gaps to be filled by the manufactures which we all hope will appear someday

Heres my wish list :-


1 32.

A really decent Hurricane and late mark Spitfire ( please scale down the 1.24th kits Trumpeter )


Mosquito ( Bomber or Fighter ) and Beaufighter.



Handley Page Hampden , Short Stirling ( Then we can bury the awfull vacs from Sanger )

Bristol Beaufort


Yes i know they are all british but it just goes to show how neglected these planes have been for years.


Ok over to you guys , Whats your wish. :)

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It's almost embarassing to say, but i'm gonna say it anyway.


We have been treated to such a deluge of kits, that (personally) i almost have nothing more to wish for!

It would be folly to think that every 1/48 scale kit will one day be made in 1/32.

I have closets full of kits, build very little, and as of late an almost empty wislist.


But since Arthur Wellesly (the other Duke) once said "The only thing worse than a battle lost is a battle won",

i will give it a go.


These are the ONLY kits i still would like to see in 1/32.


P61 Black Widow

Aichi D4Y Susei Judy (inline engined)

Il2 Shturmovik (2seater)


That's all folks.






Goodbye Robin Olds. I saw you several times on Discovery Channel. You seemed to be an ok guy.

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ME 110 all versions

HE 219

LA 5

yak 9

Mustang :) all versions

JU 88 all versions

Spitfire mark 1 new tool or an all new tooled versions

KI 43 hayabuse new tool

ki 44 Shoki


PE 2



Meteor Me 109 E new tool

Macchi 202 and 205

ME 109 E new tool

Macchi 202 and 205

F86 Sabre

P80 shooting star




thats just off the top of my head i'm sure i could come up with alot more but really these are all possible in 1/32nd scale and i think it's a shame that we don't see any major manufacturers come out with a Russian airplane other than the Mig by Trump

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OK, here goes.


What about a Gloster Gladiator? #1 choice!

Yak-1,3 or 9.

Lagg 3

An early Lagg-5 would be nice.

A Seafire Mk-47.

Tempest V.

Ki-45 Nick.


Bf-109F-2 or 4.

Fiat G-55!!


After market cockpit sets for Japanese fighters.

Upgrades cockpit sets for the Me-110's.


Thanks for the early morning consideration.



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I'd second a new Mossie and Beau, plus Saab J/R35 Draken, and add:


(new tool) Mirage III

(Tamiya) RF-4


F-111 (yeah, I know it would be big)

S.2 Buccaneer

EA-6B Prowler

(Tamiya) F-4E late production / F-4G Weasel

F-101B or RF-101C Voodoo


I'll skip on the ridiculous like a 1/32 Vulcan or SR-71

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Great subject mate.... I would say:

1. 1/32 scale new tool Spitfire to accomodate ALL versions... Hasegawa can you hear me?

2. 1/32 scale P-51 B/D

3. 1/32 scale Me 410

4. 1/32 scale Ju 88 properly tooled can accomodate ALL versions...

5. 1/32 scale Ta 152 H/H-1........last of the breed

6. 1/32 scale Do 335... technical marvel

7. 1/32 scale P-39...I know it is coming and I am damm happy about it!

8. 1/32 scale He 219

What is coming and I hope it stays that way...

a. Me 109 E (New tool) .... I know it is coming from Eduard...this is just a reminder not to forget about it! B)

Plus... don't forget these add on's...

b. Bf 109 F

c. Ju 87 B

d. P-47 Razorback


Anything Russian in 1/32 woudl be most welcome (WWII Prop that is!)


Alan :)

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OK, you asked for it!

First of all, I want only 1/32 scale.

Airplanes I want in order of importance:

Japanese Val

Japanese Kate

Japanese Pete

Italian Fiat Fr.42

Italian Fiat Fr.32

Italian Ro.2000

Italian Fiat G.50

USA F-84 Thunderjet

USA F-80 Shooting Star

USA Devastator (yes, I know Trumpeter - bless their hearts - is working on this)

USA B-25 Mitchell

USA B-26 Marauder

USA A-20

USA Hudson

USA Banshee

USA Phantom 1 (Hey, I like the 1947-1955 era in US Navy planes)

USA Skyray

USA Cutlass

French Vautaur

USA Ryan Fireball

British Hampden

British Attacker

German Ju-88

German Do-17/215/217

German He-111

and the list goes on and on and on.

Notice that I left off most big twin engine bombers. Why? Because of the expense and difficulty of making kits with long wing spans. However the die-cast companies seem to have no trouble so if 21st Century wants to dive right in with a 1/32 Betty, Wellington, Ju-52, Italian Sm.79, or any of the beautiful flying boats of the USA, Germany, Japan I will not object. I'll get a second mortgage on the house! I'll sell my soul to the devil, or the Republican party, whichever. Oh, I am getting too excited.

I'll go work in the back yard now and cool off. Puff, pant.

I'm getting too old for all this excitement.

Enjoy dreaming. :)

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