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Iain (32SIG)

1:32 Lockheed EC-121K Constellation/Warning Star

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Cheers Andy - Angus is used to it - but he does have a look when I dig it out - probably the cat equivalent of "haven't you finished that bl*@dy thing yet!"


Still sat on the table this morning - I may treat Connie to some more filler at lunchtime - exciting life eh?  :)



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Sadly, my workbench just isn't big enough - so she has to live in the garage on top of one of the cars.


Trouble is, out of sight, out of mind - it was only really Jennings' post re-photos that sparked the need to dig her out!


If I can get other projects off the decks then hopefully we can make proper progress again in the spring, when the weather warms up and I can work on the airframe outside.


Once I get the airframe shapes all sorted/smoothed the model then becomes a canvass for lots and lots of external detail.


In the mean-time I'm determined to crack on and get to grips with Rhino 3D modelling software, as I want to draw up and 3D print the cowlings at some point in the future.






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