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A big welcome for all enthusiastic LSP'ers to the Tigermeet Group Build info and discussion thread. Many thanks to Chris Novak ( AKA The Ripper) for the idea and undertaking the organization of the social side to the LSPers gathering at the Bodensee Modelling Show 2007. We hope this is where as many of our LSP'ers amazing Tigermeet birds will be presented either in the flesh or in digital format for the world to see. Thanks Chris :lol: :D


Perhaps of some interest is that the 'Tigermeet' groupbuild has been waiting patiently since the success's and friendships of LSP'ers at the 2006 Bodensee show.

Bodensee 2006 1


Bodensee 2006 2


Bodensee 2006 3


Bodensee 2006 4


Given the history and unique situation with the Tigermeet groupbuild we're squeezing this one in. LSP has planned on running four dedicated groupbuilds a year in our 'groupbuild forum'. The theme for the regular quarterly group build will be determined by a poll open to all registered members. The largest number of votes gets the nod


However, for the moment and until the next quarterly groupbuild theme has been chosen, the Tigermeet build will start off in this groupbuild subforum using the special title as detailed below. We'll have two group builds running simultaneously, although the Tigermeet one will run most of the year.


Our aim is to have as many as possible LSP'ers or guests join up and build a Tigermeet aircraft or helo in this special forum starting from right now....BUT...ALSO...to have as many as possible LSP'ers present their wonderful Tigermeet birds at a special LSP gathering at the Bodensee Model Show 1-4Nov2007. At Bodensee 2007 LSP'ers can gather to have a great time together and represent LSP as an awesome online modelling club for enthusiasts all over the world.

No matter what your skill level please post progress pictures of your 1/35 or larger Aircraft ( incl Helo's) using the special title LSP TIGERMEET GB on the top line. On the bottom line of the title you need the scale and name of your model.


You can start now and build as many as you like. For those planning on exhibiting either in the flesh or digitally at the Bodensee Show it would be ideal to present your model on a base with at least one picture of the original aircraft, a little information on the date and where the Tigermeet event took place. Finish date 30October2007. The rules for this build are very flexible and create lots of opportunities for people to go nuts on detail or build as simply as they want. I don't forsee any special kind of interventions or specific questions to the LSP staff being forthcoming.


The main point of contact for all the LSP'ers gathering at the Bodensee Show 2007 will be Chris Novak ( Chris-Germany)!!! There is a pinned thread in the groupbuild subforum that you can post to in order to assist with any travel, accomodation, social arrangements. Give Chris time to post some info into that thread so that he isn't inundated with PM's and emails before he is ready with any facts.


The aircraft ( incl Helo's) can be in any medium you like. ( Injected, Vac, Balsa). Don't get too worried if you don't have the exact type of that aircraft . You can do conversions if you like but we're not making the rules so stringent on the exact type...it just needs to be painted representing an aircraft that appeared at a Tigermeet. You can build your kit/s with resin upgrades or conversions, add PE, make scratch built details, rip it open, whatever you like...even OOB if you prefer. Here's a basic list of kits that might be suitable for you but others will know more I'm sure.

  • Tigermoth
  • Mirage
  • F15 Eagle
  • F16 Falcon
  • F18 Hornet
  • Tornado
  • Hind Mi24
  • Phantom
  • F104

Where do I get pictures of Tigermeet birds?

Right here...thanks Ripper


Or go here and follow their other very useful links



So feel free to go for it or ask any questions in this thread.


Cheers Matty :D


Edit...funny but I would have almost thought the bold text saying post them in the 'group build sub-forum' for the time being might have been a dead give-away. Rather than do anything other than poke fun at my mates for not reading the text I edited it lest you all be called gumbies. We'll get the other subforum up and running soon I hope and I'll transfer them across. :lol:

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Good to see we can get the show on the road.


I shall try my best to attend this years convention.Already talked about it with the wife and she's agreed to come too if we can.


Anyway,not being a jet builder at all,I shall do my best to build a Tigermeet model using the special Revell "Belgian Tigermeet F-16" kit


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Thanx to LSP staff for makin` it possible!


To Smokingun and all others: a bit of progress is allowed, think we can handle it like in the other GB with something about 20% started...........

For your notice: Although my first "Tiger" ( Phantom) is nearly finished I´ll enter it into the "Tigermeet-GB" ´(cause that´s what it was started for) but for reasons of fairness I´ll exclude this one from the final voting.Details to the final vote, prices and more will be posted as soon as we have it.


Enjoy this "Special- Theme-GB", sign in with as many birds as you want, have fun and feel free to contact me via forum/bord/PM/e-mail for details for the meeting.






Chris "the ripper"

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Tigers where to begin??


So many great schemes ;)


Im in for sure on this one don't know on the jet yet have to make some calls first and wait until HOBOKEN


The fact that I have until october is also a verry big plus. B) :)

I hope to make it there but I was wondering something is this show only in the weekend? Or more like a whole week? Just to check


Greetz STB

Frederick Jacobs

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Guest LSP_Jay L

I must make it this time for sure, as I have had conflicts for the last two years...


Here is what I hope to have done for the GB,


but in the alternative "show" scheme...



Here's one I would love to see someone do...




Cheers guys,



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OK guys, I´d like to conclude some small detailed facts to prevent from too many questions beeing asked twice ( or more ;) ............your welcome anyway :)


Official-TIGERMEET – GB - Start: Now


Deadline: 30.Okt. 2007


Entrys: registered LSP- members with all planes and helicopters with a special „tigermeet“ paintsheme in 1/32 or higher ( 1/35 Helis also)


Target: will be to present the „Tigermeet-birds“ at the LSP-tables while the expo in 2007 ( Thursday, Nov 1st – Sunday, Nov 4th) for those members who have the chance to be „live on stage“.

Notice: this group-build is for ALL LSP- members and, for shure, ALL entrys will be presented at either a special gallery in the forums or this thread


We´d like to show as many GB-builds a possible at the LSP-table, so I´d like to print out some Posters with entrys/ birds of LSP´er who cant be present at the expo. For this I´d prefer to get your official permission to use a photo of your finished bird and your LSP/name or real name.


Building-rules: no restrictions here! Allowed are all kinds of kits, accesories, aftermarket parts, conversions, details as long as your final bird is a „tiger“.


Presentation: to get a good presentation ( especially for those who come „live“ to the expo to show their „Tiger“ at the LSP tables) it would be prefered to present your model on a base with at least one pic of the original and some small infos of date and location of the original tigermeet-event.


As usual on Friday there will be a contest ( all categories) and besides this there will be some additional cups/trophys , for example „best club display“ , and with a unique looking LSP-Tigermeet table I hope we have best chances to get this cup!


Prices: at least place 1 to 3, details will be announced.


Event-facts: Expo goes from Thursday, Nov 1st – Sunday, Nov 4th. This gives all interested members the chance to be present either on one day, two days or all 4 days....... however, we´ll have ( so I hope) full display- tables on all days without „white“-areas on it


Display-space: is free for LSP-members, no additional cost, but I have to reserve space as soon as possible ´cause overall display-space in Hall A5 ( our area) is limited.


Contest: will be held in all categories on Friday, cost per entry/ model 2 EURos


Watch this thread for further infos and use it for any questions.


Fell free to contact me personally via E-Mail/PM for your special question ´bout booking, hotel and more.



Happy modelling!

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Ha.....Mr. Laverty :) ;) .....hear, hear................


I bet ( one free evening of Bavarian Weissbier?) we´ll see at least 3 of this russian beasts live in November...........anyone steps into it? B) :) B)


Looking forward to se her, Jay,




Chris "the ripper"

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Mmmmmm a Mozzie in tiger stripes :) ;) B) :) B) I hope to be there again and hopefully bring something this time B). To all who are going and travelling by plane there are limitations on the size of box that you can bring into Europe/ travelling across Europe so you need to check first with the airlines :angry: .



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AH Jay thats the helo kit ive been wanting for the longest time and you just have to rub it in B) :lol: :lol:

So hers the kit iam doing this is my first forgin moden jet.


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You guess it: No Mirage 2k, F1 or Etendard our Fouga Magister available... :angry:


remember.............vacs are also allowed..............as well as scratchbuilt...............and a loooooong timeframe is given B)


Go for it!





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