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MIG 21 Revell 1/32


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So, here i am also,


Count me in...hope will complete the model till feb 28.


Today receive the Mig 21 Revell 1/32 from Belgium, thanx ERWIN (your payment is on its way to Belgium).

Just one week from Belgium to Serbia.






Model will be painted( ans slightly modified to BIS-K version) to represent this one, with new Serbian markings and new paint scheme for Serbian MIG21s.












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Today receive the Mig 21 Revell 1/32 from Belgium, thanx ERWIN (your payment is on its way to Belgium).

Just one week from Belgium to Serbia.




Good to have you in the GB.



I didn't even use prioprity(air)mail. The Belgian post works realy fast.

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MIG has landed today, so, must be glued tonight.


I started with checking the sprues and overal kit shapes, they are compared using some MIG 21 BIS drawings downloaded from known Russian site, enlarged in Corel12 and printed at my home printer.






Overal shape of this kit is not bad at all, quite acceptable accuracy,milimeter or two here and there but nothing

could not be corrected with some sheet styrene and filler.




The kit is probably dated in early 1970s, as main sprues were intended for PFM, but these parts were omited and new sprue, with MF/SPS dorsal spine, new ejection seat and some details like instrument panel, rockets were added. Also, clear parts were new, and quite good.

This new sprue is dated in 1994.


Main modification i have to do is converting this Mig 21 MF to BIS K version and major external difference is wider dorsal spine with larger fuel tank and some new electronics inside.


So, i check the MF dorsal spine given with the kit and found that some 4mm should be added to the top view shape.




Well, some radical cuts should be made and i split the plastic spine and insert two plastic pins and glue it.

Later will fill and sand this and restore some engravings on this part.




I check new, widened part on the drawings and just a little add of filler will be need once i glue this part on top of fuselage.


More tomorrow,




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Thanx Matt,

Have nice photos of this subject and will do some scratch and addsome resins (just ordered KM resin seat from local producer).

And todays update,


Not to much work on this model, start with some assembly, and spine corrections with putty( use automotive two component putty)




And after some sanding, polishing, here is the result.




I sanded all the panel lines, these are too unreal and i will do complete rescribing using some Russian drawings and photographs,


More later




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And little more sanding,


This detail on starboard fuselage side must be sanded,(tinted blue),it not existed on Mig 21, same detail on port side is OK.



Also, two little bulges on afterburner exhaust are imaginar, should be sanded also.



More will follow,



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  • 2 weeks later...

There is a short break in MIG 21bis build proces, waiting for the resin seat ,ordered from local "Red Wings" resin kits producer.

So, here it is, two Revell interpretations of KM1m ejection seats and RedWings MK1M seat and small parts.



Its time for some polishing( again) and rescribing.




Wing topside and horisontal tail is rescribed, details highlighted with pencil, just to be visible on photo








More tomorrow,

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Hi Nenad,


Great to see you unafraid to use the car body filler /putty on the spine. Calipers and all. <_< Must be all those resin kits you make.


Yes the pit...err...needs a makeover in this kit. I have planned to use the CAM Revell MiG21 pit replacement which looks sensational :lol: . At least your seat will make a big difference.


Keep is going..I love the lines on this plane. Most MiGs actually


Cheers Matty

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Thanx for the comments, i use car filler(two component polyesther one) simply due the lack of time to wait to regular model filler cure. Car filler is fast, harder and easier to rescribe.

With coat of superglue over the sanded area, it became hard and easy to polish/rescribe.


I will do some scratch on the cockpit and when add this resin seat and close the canopy, there will not much to see through clearencies.

Anyway, its group build project,no need for overbuild this quite basic model i will later build Trump F13 which have on shelf and possibly UM.


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Sometimes i draw the scribbing pattern, sometimes, like on this Mig, with big, flat wing i simply copy drawings start and end line points,using caliper, mark them on the wing and scribe directly, using sharp needle for first , leading panel line and then use scriber to deepen and widen panel line.

Later, all surfaces sand with micromesh, to smooth the edges and clear the panels.

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Just a short update...


Wing topsides rescribed,



Wing undersides, rescribed, added two wing landing lights on starboard wing(Revell gives just two on port wing underside).




Flaps actuators fairing removed and glued some 15 mm closer to wing root and 5mm closer to wing leading edges.

Polished position where actuators are originaly placed.




Vertical tail rudder, to narrow by Revell, (blue line), should be filled and sanded and new one(black line) should be rescribed.




That's all for this weekend Mig 21 Bis build session,

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Better late than never,


More than year took my Revell group build project. So, here is it, finished MIG 21 BIS in Serbia AF colours.


Decals used, LIFT HERE,



























Hope my next MIG , Trumpeter Mig 21 F13 , exposed at local cafe" NS Time Cafe" No 504 with JAWS will be better subject and built faster than this REVELL dinosaur.



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