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Aeroclub 1/32 Pitts Special Vacuform

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I actually worked on this project and my 1/32 F4B-4 tonight. I sanded down the top wing in preparation for repainting. The white had slightly yellowed stored in the original box, while the fuselage and lower wing, sitting in the open on a shelf is fine. I also cleaned the horizontal tail surfaces as well for repaint for the same reason. I hope to get back to painting it by next week. I hope...


On another note, my brother called me today and told me he just bought an S-1S Pitts. So it looks like I’ll once again be getting to fly a Pitts again occasionally. This is his third S1S. It will be the 4th S1S I’ve flown. They are loads of fun. Need to check the repack date on my parachute...

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I sanded down the top wing and reshot the white base. Then I promptly screwed it up while working on a frisket paper mask. So I stripped it down and will wet sand and reshoot it again. :( I’m going to have to let the white paint cure for many days before trying again.


After a couple of failed attempts, I’m going to try cutting masks to cover white areas to shoot red. Trying to mask the sunburst scheme by masking has been unsuccessful because of the tiny corners. So, to make the masks, I built a small light box to use cutting the mask. I had some acrylic sheet and LED lights left over from my recent spray booth project so I built this.




Here it is with computer generate graphic with frisket paper laid over it. Worked well. Once cut I’ll use drawing below to lay out blue tape to lay frisked against for alignment.




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Nice!  I struggled with the starburst on my Pitts and ended up creating templates and then cut individual triangle-shaped masks for each white area.  It was a bugger to get everything lined up and symmetrical - your idea looks much better.  Looking forward to seeing your results.





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Today I restored the rib details I sanded off along with most of the paint. I used 0.8mm half round stock over existing ribs locations. Sanded everything down and brush some Mr Surfacer 500 on. When dry, I wet sanded. When finish painted, it should be fairly subtle. This is same technique I used on underside of horizontal tail surfaces after I filled and flattened with putty.




Left sanded, right just glued down.




After first wet sanding after adding rib detail.




Primered and wet sanded. Rib detail will be more subdued after priming and paint.




Top wing with fuselage and lower wings. I also added rear cabane struts. Small and fidely they were a paint. Reinforced bottom attach point of upper wing and fitted and everything appeared straight...yay.



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