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Fun photos

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ok, here are a couple of pics from the crazy austrian!


me and my friend jerry from rlm.at. actually it was quite dark in this pub and jerry used the light of his mobile phone display to have a better sight onty the little heinkel parts i was showing to him.








and this is me in the city of ulm this year. i, as a typical eastern austrian guy, only drink whine. i dont like beer. but in germany.... oh my god. the whine is sooooo expensive and even twice bad... so i had to go for something which i wasnt sure if it was a good idea....




then the scientist in me took overhand and i had to do some research on the new substance....





and here is me and my girlfriend pezi at a party at a friends place..... i think it was quite late when someone took this picture. at least i cant remember a thing....




cheers klaus

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