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Making FOD covers

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Hi guys


This is how I do my FOD covers. This only applies to the soft type fod cover, for the hard type covers I'm using styrene so this doenst apply to them.


This is what you need for them




You see only simple stuff in here, some rulers, brushes, pencil, a hobby knife, scissors, a container, white wood glue and a hairdryer (yours or the misses :) :P)


The tissues that you see in the picture are actualy what these puppies are made off,

you'll only need the smooth surface of the tissues and you also need to take them appart in order to use them.



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now comes the good part


post-1504-1155560192_thumb.jpg post-1504-1155560206_thumb.jpg


place one sheet of tissue over you intake and brush some (hot) water on it, you will see that the water makes the tissue sheet verry thin and also transparrent.


This is the good part of the tissue right there. All you need to do is brush sheet over sheet all over the intake sides and top, off course these types of intake are fairly easy because they are rectangular of shape but once you get the hang of this, any type of soft cover is game for you.




It depends on the size of the cover and what you are looking for but sometimes you want some wrinkles in them so you can make this with little nits of tissue paper that you curl up and cover again with the next sheet. How these turn out is all up to you and how much wrinkles you want to have I told ya this would be the fun part.

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This is how all of that looks like after a layer or six it still needs a few more layers and then your already there; I ususaly use like seven to nine layers depending on how big the covers are




Now we take some of that white wood glue and mix it up with some hot water, the water is only in there to make the glue more easy to apply on the cover. Make sure you cover all of the tissue paper and make sure you have covered an area larger than the area you will be needing. This is to add some more strength in it for later on when you have to remove it from the model.




The glue also acts a filler wich you can also see in this picture.


Now when you are finisched with rubbing this stuff all over it take out the hairdryer and start drying it, untill you can touch them without them being sticky and let them rest overnight.




Or keep on drying them untill they are completly dry. This would take 20 minutes or so.

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Once dry you can draw the edges of the cover on them




and then you can remove the excess material with the knife.




now comes the tricky part, you will need to remove this cover from the model. You will have noticed that when cutting away the excess that the cover is coming loose from the model however you would still have to be aware that the cover is still sticking to your model so gently press the cover away from the intake and gently keep on pressing outwards untill the cover pops off.


Voila there you have you cover whitch has a perfect fit on your model.




All that is left to do is to prime it with some mr surfacer 1000 and paint it up like you would do on any other fabric.


Hope this has been a pleasent reading and I hope to see some of these puppies on models soon :lol:


Ps Since this is my first how to, please give me some comment on how I could improve on it as I want it to be helpfull after all, If you have any comments or tips please let me know B)


Greetz STB

Frederick Jacobs

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