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Makeing seat belts

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I decided to try something and it worked, i had a BPB laying in my shop and duilding a Fw190 A-5 and decided i wanted to put belts in the cockpit, i couldnt find any color that wroked in my shop, so i looked around and seen the BPB and said to myself that this just might work. So all you do is cut a hunk of the papaerbag out maybe 4x4 and then cut it into the thickness that you need and feed it through just like you would masking tape be craeful it isnt taer resistnt but i think it is more to scale for thickness anyway, just feed it through the buckles like normal then apply glue of you choice i used CA so here is what the finished item looks like.









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Guest LSP_Jay L

I agree, that is a very cool technique and they look very convincing. I'll bet the texture of the paper looks very accurate in scale. Thanks for sharing that mate.





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To be honset as to the idea for the seat belts.Any idea or evn thing of using items to help u or anybody that comes to the site is more than to adding it to the tips and tech page.And for that idea i say this again.It's a GREAT idea and the matrial other than the brown bag is way better for how u came about it.Larry

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