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Modern aircraft zinc FS number

Dana F

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Modelers, I'm building the Tamiya F-16 and I'm trying to match the yellow chromate color used. Tamiya doesn't list the FS number, just XF-4. I have three choices:

--Tamiya XF-4 (IPMS Stockholm says it's FS 34259

--Testors (in the square bottle)#1184 Zinc Chromate (FS unknown)

--Monogram Chromate Yellow Primer (FS 33481 on the can)


Obviously Tamiya would be the obvious choice, but not knowing the Testors FS number or what the actual FS number is throws in a bit of doubt. Any help on this mystery would be much appreciated.

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If you look at the pictures included in the CJ kit and compare the engine bay to the Tamiya paint, it matches quitewell. Also, while growing up on a depot base, the Tamiya color is very close to hwat I recall seeing planes sitting on the flightlight looking like before they went to the paint shop.

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Actually, the F-16's engine bay primer varies from the lighter Green Zinc Chromate to yellow Z.C.


I'm painting the the bay in a block 25 the light Green Zinc Chromate. My mix is aprox. 50-50 Testors Yellow Chromate (1/4oz bottle) and regular Green Z.C.


Use either/or, or just mix it. You really can't go wrong considering the variations I've seen.


Mike V

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