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Alternative CA glue debonder

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Besides some specific products that are sometimes harmful and not really plastic friendly (like acetone-based products), most of us have in their kitchen a product that softens CA glue: white vinegar!


Note that acetic acid (the main component diluted with water to produce white vinegar) is also one of the main components of Superscale "set". As such, take care when you use this product as you may wonder why some of your small photoetched parts are coming loose!



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i have to give that a try. thanks for sharing that.


i never use decal setting solutions. since years i am using apple vinegar from the kitchen. it works. if you buy acetic acide in the drugsore, ask the pharmacist to thin it for you to the strength of vinegar. unthinned it sure will harm the decals or whatever. even if you buy "thinned acetic acide".


cheers klaus

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