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Exciting future product updates!!

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I've been a bit quiet about product development as of late, due mostly to my recent health issues, but also to a very limited amount of time for side hustles like this. What time I do have, I must prioritize filling orders, which does not leave much time to advance the new stuff. I have a list of requested projects a mile long, and 6-8 in various stages of completion. If I could retire from the regular job, I'd have enough development work to keep me very busy for a year or so, but I wouldn't make as much as I do now, so just can't afford to do that yet.


I do have one tidbit of exciting news though! I received permission today from Tim Skelton, formerly of Grey Matter Figures, to reproduce the items he sold that were mastered by Jerry Rutman. I have known Jerry for many years via the internet, and have long admired his work, so I'm happy to be able to bring these back. It will take some time, as I have to remaster the molds from castings, many of which I still have to purchase or borrow. The following items are the ones I received permission to remaster:

GMAJR3211 - P-38 backdate set
GMAJR3217 - P-38 props and hub
GMAJR3214 - P-38M night fighter conversion
GMAJR3205 - P-51 corrected spinner for Hamilton props
GMAJR3219 - B-25 tail gun cover
GMAJR2401 - Hamilton cuffed props
GMAJR2402 - P-51 wheel set
GMAJR2407 - FW190 LG set
I own the P-38 backdate set already, but I will need to buy or borrow the others. If you have those items and want to loan or sell them to me, please let me know. These are the only items I asked about, so the only items I plan to remaster at this time. As I said, this will be a time consuming process, so please be patient with me, and thanks for your help in advance.


On a more troubling note, Tim Skelton told me that he is currently in hospital undergoing chemotherapy!! He did not specify for what condition, but was positive and hopeful that he will be able to beat it and get back to life as usual soon. I know a lot of you miss the great work that he did and will also wish him well! 




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7 hours ago, BiggTim said:

No, it's just the standard E/F/G/H variant. I forgot to list the F-4 conversion above, so if anyone has that, I need it, too.


I'd really like to tackle the haze scheme, that could prove quite interesting.

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I have in hand, or have lines on, most of the items listed, but I still badly need these:
GMAJR3214 - P-38M night fighter conversion
GMAJR3220 - F-5A (P-38) Photo recon version
Please watch for them or let me know if you have them. Even if I borrow them from you, I will make it worth your while.
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