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Bf 109 E-4 - Trumpeter - 1/32 - Stab II./JG54

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Thanks Kev, I'm glad you like my (hard!) work.
It's a challenge this camouflage, but I'm having a lot of fun, even if everything isn't perfect, trying to apply new techniques and approaches that are new to me.


@Paolo: I'm going to highlight the outline of the JG54 badge with a black felt-tip pen to get a cleaner, more precise finish.
Hopefully I'll have it done by tomorrow.    

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On 7/9/2024 at 1:49 PM, Furie said:

The close-up photo exaggerates the defects.
Yes, the badge is pixelated in the photo, but to the naked eye it's imperceptible.

The only way around that is to vectorize the image.

If you have  'Studio 3' for the Silhouette you can trace it in there and the pixelation leaves. Worth a try.

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Just managed to catch up with all of this after my holiday break, it seems the apprentice has quickly become the master! :D Superb work young Denis; your analysis of how to tackle every aspect is very commendable and I couldn’t agree more with your comments about the unique value of the Silhouette machines giving the opportunity to make your own individual masks. Very rewarding. 

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Thank you for your messages Matt, John, Ernest, Troy, Mike and Max.
It makes me very happy to read you and to see that you appreciate my work.


I did vectorize the badge with Silhouette studio but I don't have a laser printer at home.
So I had to take a screen capture in JPEG to be able to print this badge.
I did my best but when you have your nose on this badge, you can actually make out the pixels.

When you look at my 109 from a "normal" distance, you can't see the flaws, and anyway I don't feel like repainting the badge by hand and with a brush.


As far as masks and the Silhouette Cameo are concerned, dear Max, my master you are, and from your work with the Cameo, drawing inspiration from your experience I'm trying to do!


In no particular order: 
-I used masks to repaint the outline of the 2 JG54 badges in black for a better finish.
-I glued the rudder.
-I chipped the wings, fuselage, cockpit and engine cowl areas with light gray, yellow and medium gray pencils. I didn't use silver pencils.
-I painted a coat of semi-mat varnish (I know I'm repeating myself, but MRP's mat varnish is not usable except for a Corsair or a 109 Afrika Korps). 


Denis, a young Padawan, always in admiration of his master!















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