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Found 1 result

  1. For 2017 I decided to build some Hasegawa kits as they tend to be quality kits that fit well but do not have the complexity of open panels, detailed engines etc. My completed model collection contains only two Japanese subjects so I was going to build three Hasegawa kits of Japanese subjects. The first one up was to be a Nakajima Ki84 Hayate, I can remember building a 1/72 scale kit (Revell maybe) when I was very young and liked the look of it. I know very little about Japanese aircraft so I started this project by reading my Thorpe’s Japanese Army Air Force camouflage and markings book from end to end. Then I started reading through my meagre collection of books on the Ki 84, including the Aero Detail 24 book. Then onto the internet and the J Aircraft website, copying and reading everything that I could find concerning the Ki 84 and Japanese WW2 paintwork. Then I went through Nick Millman’s Aviation of Japan blog searching for more information. A lot of the data that I have collected is contradictory, so as usual I will read it and then make my own mind up. I was most surprised to read that only one Ki 84 has survived, mind you having a copy of Broken Wings of the Samurai I should have realised that Japanese WW2 aircraft would be a bit thin on the ground but as it was one of the most effective of their fighters it’s surprising that others were not saved. Nick Millman very kindly helped me with information when I built my Special Hobby Ki 27 Nate so I contacted him again requesting his help once more, Nick was extremely helpful and with his input I put together a plan of action. The subject that I have chosen for my build will be aircraft 45 of the 47th Flight Regiment, 3rd Squadron Narimasu Airfield in Feb 1945. The kit instructions call for an Olive Drab FS34087 for the upper surface but Nick recommends FS3070 as it is the closest to the actual Hayate factory colour. For the undersides FS16350 is the nearest to the factory colour so I searched for a model paint nearest to this. After discussions with Nick I devised the following plan using Nick's advise and what paint that I had or could get so any mistakes are down to me and not Nick: Upper surface colour Sovereign Colourcoats ARJ0,1 this is the nearest to FS33070 that I could find though there is a new Colourcoats paint that is a dedicated aircraft colour ACJ22 - IJAAF #7 Ohryoku nana go shoku, which I picked up at Telford. Under surface colour I compared Humbrol 168 Hemp, Sovereign Colourcoats ACJ016 and Xtracolor X16 Hemp, they all look very similar but I like working with Xtracolor so will go with X16 Cockpit Humbrol 78 Matt Cockpit Green mixed with Humbrol 28 Camouflage Grey, a 2:1 mix of 78 and 28 roughly matches FS34226 (not 266) which Nick recommends, though it could have been painted with the exterior colour, in the end using a new tinlet I made a 78 and 28 mix. Area Under the windscreen and canopy Revell 9 Anthracite Anti Glare Panel The kit instructions do not show an anti glare panel but on Nick's advice I will go with one using Revell 9 Anthracite Wheel wells Humbrol 78 Prop and Spinner FS 34082 is quoted for these but Humbrol 78 is recommended by Nick ID Bands X106 Insignia Yellow or ACJ19 Hinomaru Humbrol 19 or Sovereign Colourcoats ACJ20, will probably use the latter. Inside Engine Cowling Upper surface colour , Sovereign Colourcoats ARJ01or ACJ22 More soon Cheers Dennis
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