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Found 7 results

  1. Just browsing the Hannants website, and the TF-104 description says "AMI fully upgraded moulds. Finely engraved recessed panel lines and rivets." I know the fuselage is obviously different from the single-seater, but that too claims to have "finely engraved recessed panel lines and rivets"...
  2. No rest for the driven! Ive been thinking about this one for quite some time now as it is going to contain some firsts for me. This one will be based on Italiari's new (ish) TF-104. The differences between the TF and D for my purposes are nil, so this is about the last time Ill likely worry about them. This will be modeled at F-104D 57-1315, flying out of the Air Force Flight Testing Center, based at Edwards AFB, in high visibility orange and NMF: Here is a pic of 57-1314 at Edwards in 1960: The florescent orange had a tendency to fade quite badly in the hot Edwards AFB sun, so I will probably incorporate some of that, but I will be making my model basically in the earliest days of the AFFTC, so it will be a newish paint job, with less fading. The "firsts" for me on this model I mentioned previously will be 2 fold: 1 - This will be my first 1/32nd "in flight" or gear up model. Ive done many models, and many models for customers too, but have until now not ever done a full gear up in-flight model. The 104 seemed perfect for it, and Ill describe how it will be posed shortly. I purchased a 12" long clear acrylic rod to mount the model on, just for this purpose. 2 - This will be my first fully "lit" model. I purchased a full lighting kit from "MagicScaleModeling" specifically designed for the dual seat F-14 that includes all exterior lighting, exhaust and cockpit lights: I will be using kitchen foil for the NMF, and will be using MRP white followed by MRP-194, Luminous Orange. Lets get on with what the build will contain shall we?
  3. Coming sometime in the future to a magazine (hence only one photo - sorry, no more or I'll be in trouble with the Editor), here's my rendition of the Italeri two-seat Starfighter. The subject was an aircraft of 31 (Tiger) Sqn, Belgian AF, 1983. The tip tanks were used for the 1983 NATO Tiger meet, just before Belgium finally retired the F-104. Decals by DACO, intake covers & chocks by Video Aviation, pitot by Master, and RBF tags by HGW. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi all! Here's my latest work, Italeri's 1/32 kit of the F-104G Starfighter. The model depicts an aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force with the S/N 32715 which was one of the decal options offered by the kit. Photos of the particular plane show it with heavily chipped wingtip tanks. A few aftermarket accessories were used including CMK's resin cockpit, Eduard's resin wheels and PE gun bay and BestFong FOD intake covers. The model was painted with a combination of Hataka, Mig Ammo and Alclad paints. Weathering was done with the use of Ammo and AK Interactive weathering products as well as oils (a first for me). Despite its minor shortcomings Italeri's Starfighter was fun and enjoyable to build and in the end you will get a large and wonderful replica of this iconic aircraft. Can't wait for the two seater to be released!
  5. OK, I just couldn't stay away so here's my newest GB entry. I'm just waiting on one to arrive for the Interwar years GB and then I'll have one in both. Although it's the final version of the infamous Lawn Dart, Brad OK'd it as being representative of the type. For AM bits, I have the Aires cockpit set and wheel bays, Eduard wheels, GT Resin burner can and exhaust, and the Zotz decal sheet. Carl
  6. YES! http://www.italeri.com/news_scheda.asp?idNews=643
  7. I know, that Italeri Starfighter is not supposed to be the best model ever, but in this year catalogue, they have an A/C version. http://www.italeri.com/imgup/Preview%202014_LR.pdf Check page 5.
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