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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, I know what you are saying..they do not make a 1/24th scale Hawker Fury.. and that's true. So, let's see if I can make one. This is a dare of sorts because I've not done a scratch project of this size ever, though I have done a series of five 1/144th scale planes this past year all from scratch and with reasonable success across a wide range of planes from a tiny Bf-109 the size of a butterfly to a sizable 8" long P-3C Orion. I think I meet the basic prerequisites, though honestly anyone can do this (kindergartners with clay and wood are remarkably fearless artists). That said, there are also the great masters (Alcorn, Woodhouse, Lee etc) that do this stuff too and we'll have to consider that like another world thing. Anyway, If I fail, it might be the dreadful distraction, project boredom and other barriers to seeing things through. It's pretty ambitious time wise (like a year??). I'm armed with enthusiasm and a love for modeling that has spanned 4 decades (with many breaks of course as many of us all know). I'm not a perfectionist type person and not trained things technical short of computer programming. I do have a very creative side and consider myself an artist without a real speciality. I dabble and I LOVE PLANES!!!!! Currently, I'm still researching the Fury with books on order, and a folder of growing images on my computer. I can't say it's like a dream plane but there seems to some content in the scratch world, typically pre WW2 where scratch works at this scale. I am getting to know it pretty well know over the few weeks, so it's very likely to grow on me. I've started to test some methods for technique so in some sense I've started. The picture of the tail below is the third round if seeing how I like to work with "spars" and "canvas" really before I get into it. I've got a little start on the cockpit shell going. Playing around. As I said, the project is not fully laid out, but I'm pretty sure it'll be an exercise in solid forms for the fuselage mostly of styrene and filler and then a vacuformed shell to house the cockpit and engine. I'll perhaps panel the shell with thin metal tape and creative use of strips and Magic Sculpt and whatever comes to mind. If you are going to follow along, I'd love the company. I'll say sorry up front for how damn long this is going to take but I think this forum has a taste for it. The process is the fun, right?
  2. Another re-hashed Lionel locomotive with a scratch built tender (with Lionel trucks). New trucks, new cab, new walkways, lengthened boiler and feed-water heater and smoke deflectors added.
  3. Picture of a scratch built piece I did.... It was a fun commission built piece. Sorry the photo isn't better ! - Joe66
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