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Found 3 results

  1. Warrrrup guys The Spirit has arrived. I admire this plane much, no doubt about it, and never build it as a model before, and heard only good things about the new Modelcollect`s release, and pretty much that`s the story... i hooked. I could say that i`m on a great Northrop wave along with my other build of the F-23A. I`m just about sure of the title - the Spirit of NY, cause one i definitely love this state and two - because of the plane`s previous nicknames (before the Block 30 upgrades) "The Shady Lady" and "The Ghost". About the kit - hmmm, not the perfect kit, but keeping in mind its simplicity - i gotta make it real good. There is plenty of plastic in the surfaces; they are very thick, which will make the thinning of the trailing edges way easier. Cause they do need thinning if you want to make them perfect. The plastic is from a very good quality indeed, besides from the enormous panel lines, but they can be easily improved too. The manual is a complete waste of money in my opinion. The colorful glossy pages are a nice approach, but for what - only to show the 1-color paint scheme?! And it looks so thick, because the pages are thick (very), and not that it has plenty of pages. The decals offer 3 airframes: Just an overview of the parts - nothing exceptional for a 1/72 scale kit. Packaging - 10 out of 10 - a huge box stuffed with sprues and parts - large and tiny, and it is a 1/72 kit. And some proper enjoyment of the dimensions along with the fuselage of the 1/48 F-23 Plenty of space for weathering....
  2. Well, they are in 1/48th scale, but i would like to share the best photos from a photoshoot from a few weeks ago. Just a presentation of F-35A and F-35B as standalone models. The B version is with landing gears down only. The A version is with lights. Here are two videos of the A with lights switched on: 1, 2; and the two videos of the B version: V1, V2. And the photos. Enjoy.
  3. Hi guys, finally got round to sorting my photos as Monday I was pretty sick most of the day, (maybe SMW blues.....) so it's taken a little longer than expected. Great to meet Peter from Airscale finally, the 32nd SIG guys again although I didn't get to catch up with everyone, but briefly met up with Tigger, Dave, Rich & Iain. I had a bit of a battery malfunction on the Sunday and never used my camera on the Saturday for the few hours I was there, which I regret now as I could of easily taken twice the amount of photos.... There is always next year I guess. The HpH DC-3 looked great too in it's basic state, I think I will have to smash my piggy-bank open once it's out! I will only post some of the LSP stuff here due to a limit of images allowed, but the rest of the LSP stuff & show that I covered can be found HERE, don't forget to check out the scratch built Breguet 941 STOL aircraft, seriously drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy the photos!
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