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Found 4 results

  1. Back in the days before the internet , when we had to look at books for refferences , after market was virtually nil , an amazing man produced a quite limited kit of the Lightning in 1/32 scale. OK Yes it was Vacform , but it was superb. I was a teenager and was looking through scale aircraft modelling magazine and saw an ad for said kit. I had to have one. My Dad drove me from Essex to Maidenhead to get one from the Man himself , Frank Brown. He was a very friendly man. He showed me some built up ones and also the most gobsmackingly good solid resin fuselage with white metal inserts. I belie
  2. In 1947, civil war looked imminent in Paraguay. President Higinio Morinigo sensed rebellion in the air and thus decided to bolster his air arm, as this consisted mostly of WW2 unarmed training aircraft. Open Civil War broke out on March 7th 1947, by this time a dozen surplus P-38J's with mercenary pilots and ground crew recruited in the US were on their way. Most of the former Paraguayan air force sided with the Communist rebels, but the hastily repainted P-38's served pro government forces well, shooting down most of the rebellions aircraft, while carrying out bombing and strafing runs on ins
  3. Hello folks, I start a new project. This is the bad (very bad) Trumpeter Lightning F.6. I know, this kit has a lot of mistakes from Trumpeter. But I really like this Big, Monster Britain Jet !!! I will add a Aires cockpit and exhaust. The decal sheet is from Xtradecal. Ok, maestro :
  4. In my American mind I cannot for the life of me understand AIRFIX and 32nd Scale..?????????? There has to be a way to get the AIRFIX "Powers-that Be" to "See the LIGHT" !!!!!!!!!!!! Take the 48th , Lightning F.1 and F.6, Sea Vixen, Javelin, Canberra collection, make them 32nd Scale These kits are well engineered and fit very well...............Scale UP the moulds? I understand there is an investment to scale up the moulds, but you have the perfect patterns in 3D and steel I know these kits would SELL, the Lightning kit is a real easy build and I
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