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Found 8 results

  1. Here are some pictures of my recently finished Kittyhawk F-5E in Swiss markings. Despite the shortcomings that have been mentioned about the kit, I enjoyed the build and would call it a good kit overall. I will be building more of Kittyhawk's F-5's in the future. The model was build straight from the box, with LED's added to the landing lights and Swiss decals and masks that I drew using the Matterhorn Circle 1/48 F-5 decals as a guide. Thanks for looking!
  2. hello all ! i have to confess , i am not a big fan of U.S. planes in general , from the mustang to the F-35 . the F-5 however is one of the few exceptions , especially in the various aggressor schemes ! with the release of the KH's kit and nothing on the bench i had to do something and quick ! so here is the start of the build : i went quite fast and smooth the only issues were a bit of flash and some ejector pins that needed sanding/cutting . All thats left to do is a few wires/cables /tubing behind the seat and around the rear of the pit . should be good enough for me .
  3. Hi, I finally finished my Kittyhawk F-86D, painted with Texas ANG markings. The build is OOB, with the only addition being the fabric seatbelts from Eduard/HGW. I started it in August during my hollydays, but i only cut, cleaned and glued small asemblies at this time as i was not home. I started painting and assembling it only in late august. It was not so long as i build another small model since then, so it took me about 2 months in all, but i did not worked on it every days. It was first primed in grey, sanded smooth and coated with Alclad gloss black. Then i polished it a lot with micromesh 12000 grit and applied a mix of AK chrome and polished aluminium. Compared with the Alclad hi shine finishes, the AK are a bit less reflective, but still quite good, though they are way stronger to adhesive tape and various manipulations. I used the stencils and emblems from the box, but most of the markings (ANG markings, stars-n-bars and also the walking area border) were painted with masks as i found the large decals from the box quite tricky to use and the national insigna blue was too light. Anyway, it's always better to paint on a NMF model as you avoid any carrier film, difficult to blend in when you cannot use any varnish coat (it would kill the sheen and the reflection). There has been a lot of masking for the dayglo orange surfaces, the suface traitement on some aluminium parts, exhaust area, and markings, but i'm quite happy with this original and colorful scheme. The weathering was quite light as on this kind of polished finish, there is not a lot to do. A just hi lighted the panels with a UMP wash (no enamel wash as the AK metal paints are enamels so i did not want to experiment something that could ruin everything !), as without it it looks a bit toyish (i mean when you can see the bottom of the panel lines painted on...). On the dayglo areas, i did not used "dark dirt" was as it would be too dark and would be unrealistic, so i used "rust" color instead. The build itself was not the easiest i did, but it was quite pleasent. Nothing was really difficult to solve, though it sometimes asked for a bit of thinking and a lot of trimming. Of course, some putty was involved, too. I have two other of the kind in the stash (F-86K, which i plan to build as a french and a german aircraft) and i think it will be easier next time now that i trained myself on this one. I hope you like it. As usual, i took indoor pictures (but with daylight) on a blue background (i prefer that that the usual white background wich is too agessive for the other colors, though my blue is too vivid. I should find a kind of neutral grey background...) and then full outdoor pictures. Here is the link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64229
  4. I'm currently building KH's Texan as a Harvard IIa of the Rhodesian Air Training Group, specifically Harvard EX490 which was based at 20 SFTS Cranborne in 1943/4. My reasons for choosing this particular aircraft are very simple: a) it was flown by my father during his pilot training days: and there's an excellent colour photograph of it in the IWM collection: My intention is to show the detail that KH have put into the engine area by cutting off the nose panels and not fitting some of the cowling though the "plumbing" both electrical and hydraulic will be a best guess based on the sources that I currently have, so therefore not 100% accurate by any means! To try to make it as correct as I feel inclined to (and I know this is a potential minefield), I have the AlleyCat canopy (which I've reviewed on this site), AMS Resin's 9' prop blades, Scale Aircraft Conversions whitemetal landing gear (though I think KH's is OK (?), and Airscales WW2 RAF instrument dial decals ready for the corrected instrument panel that I'm making: When finished it'll be displayed as a small diorama with this chap sitting waiting for the repairs to be done: More later on the build Max
  5. Well, they are in 1/48th scale, but i would like to share the best photos from a photoshoot from a few weeks ago. Just a presentation of F-35A and F-35B as standalone models. The B version is with landing gears down only. The A version is with lights. Here are two videos of the A with lights switched on: 1, 2; and the two videos of the B version: V1, V2. And the photos. Enjoy.
  6. I've just recently gotten back into creating aircraft profiles, more for fun and to get work off my mind. I know this site hosts quite a few really talented artists and historians and I would be really grateful if you all wouldn't mind giving a critique. It would really help me to keep getting better. http://bad-rabbit-design.deviantart.com/gallery/ My thanks in advance to all.
  7. I'm in the early stages of building my 1/32nd KittyHawk Texan, which I'm finishing as a Harvard IIa based at 20 SFTS Cranborne in S Rhodesia. The instrument panels supplied are just for the Texan but can anybody give me a good reference/photos/drawings of those for the Harvard? I've seen some fairly recently but can I find it again? Max
  8. Like many of you, I plan to snag Kittyhawk's T-6 pretty much as soon as it comes out. Can anyone with knowledge of the real plane tell me if I can make an RNZAF T-6, specifically as a Red Checkers display team bird, out of the box or if some backdating would be needed? Yup, this one below! I have Ventura's 1/48 decal sheet and will use this as a basis to make paint masks. Thanks, Mike
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