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Found 6 results

  1. Our two cents in regards to latest Hobby Boss release - B-24J Liberator in 32nd scale. Check this link for the product or click the image below.
  2. Merry christmas one and all! I was hoping to get this finished with its diorama base, but the post held up the snow.........or by the snow :-) But i have been working on this beastie (its huge compared to a spit or a 109!!) between studies for the last few months, its a great kit with a few fit issues around the wings area. I tried a few new techniques out on the kit as I wanted to explore a few more avenues to make my models look more realistic. I started by priming the kit and doing a black pre-shade and then doing the full camouflage out the topside of Russian green (Mr Hobby 135) and black (Tamiya XF-1) with the underside painted with light blue (Tamiya XF-23). Then I de-canned some hairspray and coated the craft with my spray gun to get a better coverage on the kit, over the top of this I sprayed white (Tamiya XF-2 with a drop of brown and blue so the white wasn't a brilliant white) and then weathered it by using a stiff brush and warm water to lift the paint (very scary moments). Then its was gloss coated and decals set followed by a matt coat and post shading, the post shading was my first attempt at it and I am very happy with the result. There maybe a few inaccuracies, so please be aware I model on a 'it looks good, so its good for me' basis. Forgive the photo's on a white background as I had nothing else to use, but I ended up using the Sturmovik's base that will be grassed and snowed....when it turns up, I will update photos when it does :-) All comments and criticism is welcome, as criticism is how we improve. Many thanks for looking.
  3. http://www.themodellingnews.com/2017/09/hobbyboss-new-item-preview-for.html#more
  4. Hobby Boss 1/32 Ilyshin Il-2 Sturmovik Single Seat (mod 1942) in my rendition of Lt. Col. Nicholas A Zoob's aircraft.
  5. bigsteve

    F-84E Thunderjet

    Hi all, Here'swhat I'm in with Hobby boss's F-84E Thunderjet. This my first post on LSP so bare with me, being an old fart I tend to have the odd senior moments. (Be kind old fart in action.) Steve.
  6. Hello all- New to the forum and this is my first posting- Hope you enjoy! I've been working on this project for about 3 weeks now, and I'll be posting few images to show how it has progressed so far. I intend to build 3 versions of Hobby Boss's IL-2 Sturmoviks (IL-2, IL-2m and IL-2m3), and with that in mind, would like to show each in a different paint scheme and depicted to show different aspects and features of each version. In this case, I wanted to show the Sturmovik in a winter scheme. Since this version in a winter scheme can be somewhat apathetic to the casual eye, I decided to open it up a bit and put a bit more detail in than usual. I'm looking to depict Major N.A. Zub's IL-2 as seen here: Getting the hang of posting with images, so I'll follow up in a bit with more project photos. Thanks for looking Kai