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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, Having eventually completed the F-4E, the desire to actually assemble a model rather than admire the contents has returned. The subject of the next labour of love is the old Revell F-15 which I am going to attempt to construct as its 'B' version. I'm not sure why I've gone for another Revell kit other than they are relatively cheap in comparison to the alternatives and this one is nearer to a B than converting say the Tamiya E (I also have some spare parts for this kit if I screw something up!). That said I will inevitably blow this reasoning out of the water by buying more aftermarket stuff than I need and adding stuff like lights that will turn it from 'easy and cheap' to 'challenging and expensive'. The other challenge will be making a mono-chromatic paint finish look real. So here's the kit in question: I understand that the shape is good but it lacks some of the Tamiya detail. As I have a Tamiya C I'm going to try and read across any additional detail that looks ok. I also have Jake Melampy's excellent book on the F-15 and some internet piccies though this version will be an early 70's jet so references are a bit thin on the ground. My initial hit list will include: - Revised cockpit based on the Aires A model pit - Escapac sets (kit has Aces version) - Revised engine exhausts as the kits ones are pretty plain - Added rivet detail - this kit has none - Added detail where the vents are - Added crew (the kit has none) - Alternative sidewinder launch-rails where no weapons are carried - kit ones are pretty crude - New formation lights - Aim-9J drill rounds Feel free to offer any steers on where else I mighty need to go. Please bear in mind that my work-rate is inversely proportional to home command commitments so don't expect a quick turn-round! Thanks for watching.
  2. We had 2 x F-15s’ flying overhead again last night from Lakenheath, even the CEO was watching and she’s normally interested. I have built the TAMIYA F-15 E & C, but I saw a photo of an early light grey B model the the hi-viz star n bar and it looked very cool. So in 1/32 what’s my options please. Photo courtesy of Sven on Britmodeller. Steve.
  3. Hi guys got back from a nice summer holiday, getting back in gear so to speak and ready for the next one..... One 32nd scale Tamiya F15C. The new Eagle decals from Reid Air Publications...thanx for the help...missiles from zactomodels AIM9-L and AIM9-X, exhaust set from Two Mikes and for the pit a Black Box cockpit along with a Wolfpack resin MSIP update set and I got a PWMP modelling products fod cover set should the intakes turn akward on me...yeah baby.... I'm going for the splinter aggressor....always loved the scheme..... depending on the time frame I got this bird loaded up with one grey and one Blue fuel tank and also a mixed load up in missile rails as well...I'll have to look in to that a bit further as It certainly makes it more interesting to have contrasting things going on.....adding even more colour to this already colourful livery.. till next update Cheers Frederick Jacobs
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