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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, one question? I just bought some intakes in dmold, I made the payment by paypal, the bill came out well and everything was fine, but I have a doubt ... it is normal to be sent by a company called SANTU express (which in theory the company is india)
  2. Hi guys, I have only two questions What is the cockpit color of the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model52, would the IJN XF-71 be correct? And the interior frames of the cockpit cockpit of this model are the same color of the cockpit, the color of the fuselage (in this case green) or black? The model that I have and for the moment I will build is the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter Model52 (tamiya 1:32)
  3. Well guys as the title says is about which compressor to buy. As I said in my presentation, I used to live in a house and I could make noise because it didn't bother anyone (it didn't have neighbors neither upstairs nor down) so I had a compressor that made a lot of noise (total ... in that house it didn't bother no one). Now I live in an apartment, I have neighbors above and below, we are a three-story block (I am living in the middle) but the construction quality of these floors is not that it is the best in the world, I wanted a quiet compressor with a good Deposit My intention will be to paint day and night, I will use it for many hours I have seen these compressors where Decibels are "low" (but I don't know if they are real Decibels or not) Anyway, I'm really confused and I don't want to spend my money and then buy something that isn't for me. I leave a couple of compressors that I have seen I am looking for it to be silent and with a good boiler Possible purchases: Fengda FD-196A: Information on the pressure regulator: 0 - 10 Bar (0-100 PSI) * 3.5L air tank, ensures air stability * Safety / drain valve * Automatic overheat protection * Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz * Power: 0123 kW (1/6 HP) * Speed: 1450/1700 rpm * Noise level: 47 dB / 1m * Volume of displaced: 35-40 l / min * Air connection: G 1/8 * Cable length: 1.9m * Certificates: CE, GS, ETL, CETL, ROHS * Adjustable pressure: from 0 bar to 6 bar * Auto start at less than 3 bar (43PSI) * Automatic stop at 4 bar (57PSI) Air Line Airbrush Compressor: Air Line Compressor (3L boiler) This compressor is ideal for both the airbrush who is starting and for those who already have a medium level. With a flow of 20-23 L / Min you can work with any type of airbrush (even the thickest ones). It also comes with a 3L boiler that will allow you to work it for longer. Includes moisture filter, pressure gauge, discharge valve and automatic stop at 4 and 6 bars. - Oil Free Piston Compressor with Boiler: - Power: 1/6 Cv - Flow: 23L / Min - Auto stop: 4 bars - Auto Start: 3 bars - Boiler: 3L - Anti-humidity filter - Noise: 44 dB - Weight: 5.2 Kg SIL AIR 30 Silent Compressor (with oil): Personally, I don't like that it carries oil (too many complications) Technical characteristics SIL-AIR 30: - Electric current: 220-240 Vol / 50 Hrz. - Expulsion L / min: 25 L / min. - Pressure: 8 bars. - Power: 200 watts. - Acoustic noise: 40 decibels. - Prisoner: 22 kg. - Tank: 4 liters.
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