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Found 1 result

  1. After finishing the Mirage, I went and had a look through the few kits that I have started since I begun that kit and was looking for something to do. Nothing took my fancy as I just felt that for once I would like to start a new kit without the unfinished Mirage hanging over my head. I wanted something quick and easy to do but different all the same. I do have a CAC Sabre conversion waiting in line as my next Aussie build but am waiting on some parts to arrive. I also need a bit of a break from having to do major work to a model, so the Macchi is also on the sidelines for now.Thought I would break open the new Planet Models Flying pancake and give it a run. I spent today at home on reserve without getting called in, so I had quite a productive day First up, the kit, all resin with white metal undercarriage, vac formed canopy and screen printed decals for the one marking option: The box is rather large for the kit, well packed. I made a start on the propeller hubs and boss mounts. I didn't mess around with this as there will be alot of weight swinging off the props so it was straight to the lathe where I faced off the back face of the hubs, center drilled the rear face of the spinner and then reamed a 3mm hole halfway into the solid resin. Push fit of some 3mm aluminium tubing for strength. I then did the same to the boss and inserted some larger tubing that was also a push fit into the boss. The whole assembly fits together very nicely and has almost no play at all but allows the props to move freely whilst giving it a very true spin. The front of the fuselage doesn't fit too well! I have since taped it together and poured almost boiling water over it which fixed the problem. Onto the intakes, and here is one area where it will be very difficult to get right if the instructions are followed. The round intake and the engine cooling fan/dome are supposed to be assembled as one and then glued into the fuselage. doing this will make it almost impossible to sort out the resulting join as there is not enough room to sand/fill/paint. I have glued in the intake at the bottom, and have started sorting out the most visible seam. Once I am ready to close up the fuselage, I will join the top of the intake and then leave the back end of the kit open and exploit the flexibility of the resin to open it up and insert the cooling fan/dome from the rear. A test whether the above theory will work or not.....
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