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Found 4 results

  1. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; As TANMODEL we are very pleased to announce our new project to you. We completed the 3D design of 1/32 scale Sukhoi Su-33 project that we have been working on for about 8 months and is ready to start production. We would like to thank our modelling engineering consultant Mr. Cumali AYGUN (Turkey) who provided support to Tanmodel's specialized design team, especially our SU-33 expert Mr. Hakan OKAY (Turkey), Vladimir NAZAROV (Russia) who checked our design during the creation of our design. The specifications of our kit are provided below. We will share the details of our kit with you in LSP forum same time tomorrow and we would like to answer your questions. We hope you will like our project as well. Our other 1/32 project will of course be as much detailed as this project. You can follow the news about our project from the first issue of SAM magazine to be published and you can read our interview about our SU-33 project on the website of Doogsmodels. We would like to thank Mr. Gary HATCHER from Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM) magazine who is the editor of our media sponsor and our friend Matt McDougall for his tremendous support. Specifications : - ONE PIECE INTAKES (The biggest and one piece Intake in the industry will be in our SU-33 kit) - 61 Parts Huge P.E. Fret - Foldable wing option - Movable Canard, Slat, Flap, Aileron, Rudder, Horizontal Stabilizer parts - Open-Closed Refueling Probe - Open-Closed Canopy, Airbrake, Tail Radar parts - Detailed Cockpit and Canopy parts - 8x R-27, 4x R-73 Missile and Pod parts - 9 Options Pylon parts - Precise Panel Lines and Rivet details - Slider-Mould Nozzle parts - Modeller-friendly Part breakdowns Regards, (Mr.) Baris TANSOY Owner and Founder of TANMODELâ„¢ Plastic Model Kits Ltd. TANMODELâ„¢ Plastic Model Kits Ltd.
  2. Hello all! Here are some photos of one of the models that i finished this year. This model was subject to publication on the May 2017 issue of Airfix Model World. As referred on the title, this is the well known TanModel kit. The first issue. The fit required some tweaking and was problematic around the camera bay windows. The paints used were: - X-1 Black as a base for the metalwork; - Fuselage colours from the Mr.Hobby range; - Alclad2 lacquers; - VAllejo Model Color generic colours; - Satin varnish from the Vallejo Model Air range Hope you like it! José Pires
  3. Dear forum members and our friends; As you all know, we released our 1/48 RF-84F kit to foreign market on January and we received many positive feedback. First batch of our kit sold out in 20 days and new batch will be ready for distribution in about 45 days with minor corrections and changes. We've been preparing for 1/32 scale Northrop F-5A, F-5B and T-38 Talon (with sub-versions) for some time. We started detail stage on the design. Our RF-84F kit contained some surprises. Of course we are again preparing some surprises for 32 scale lovers that they never saw. But today, I am writing your for another reason…. We, being modelers, enable us to think like your. However, from F-5A project forward, we want to establish an infrastructure for other 1/32 scale projects we plan to actualize. We want to produce kits that your know what you will receive when you purchase a TANMODEL kit. Therefore, we would like to learn your ideas and comments. So what are these, what do we think, what do your think? What we offer to you when you purchase a TANMODEL kit: Scale and shape accuracy A kit design with reasonable number of parts that will get you to the result with ease Providing all possible versions in the same box Providing decal options of versions Providing operational ammunition parts (Bombs – Missiles etc.) Providing access doors part separately (like our RF-84F kit) – Not all doors Providing engine parts visible from inside the Intake and Nozzle Brief explanation and questions: For 2nd article: When your purchase 1/32 scale kit, does number of parts affect your decision to buy? Does it have to be 300+ parts? For 7th article: Does having engine parts with the kits affect your decision to buy? Are you willing to build the parts that will not be visible once you close the fuselage? If your answer is “Yesâ€, do you prefer engine parts (possible ones) or a kit that has all versions in the same box? For us, answers of these questions are obvious. But maybe we are wrong? In short, your opinions are very important for us and we will produce the kits in accordance with your answers. TANMODEL listens to your and will manufacture for your. We did not update our web site but versions that will be in the box for F-111 are determined. We will give A and E versions. We took this decision several months ago together with our modeler friends who supported us. The reason for A and E is production conditions. We wish to release F-111 project by the end of this year. We are preparing for 1/32 scale of an aircraft that was never mentioned in your request list. We think the reason your never taught about this aircraft is that there are several 1/48 scale kits of it. This project will be released before F-111 (and maybe before F-4E). Thank you in advance for your answers and suggestions. We will reply to your comments on Monday – we will arrange the box content according to your feedback. Best regards, Baris TANSOY Owner of TANMODEL
  4. Looks like the 1/32nd scale Tanmodel prognosis is extremely good... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234967245-tanmodel-172-148-132-projects/page-2 2°/ - 1/32 - NORTHROP F-5A - NF-5A - CF-116 & RECCE VERSIONS - #3301 3°/ - 1/32 - NORTHROP F-5B - NF-5B - CF-116D - #3302 4°/ - 1/32 - NORTHROP T-38A - T-38M "ARI" - #3303 5°/ - 1/32 - MC DONNELL DOUGLAS F-4E - RF-4E - RF-4E "ETM" - F-4E 2020 - F-4E KURNASS - F-4EJ - RF-4EJ - F-4F - #3304 7°/ - 1/32 - GENERAL DYNAMICS F-111B - F-111C - F-111E - F-111F - #3305 The news of a new Recce Rhino and Aardvark is particularly heartwarming. I find the F-111B an unusual choice, but it does look groovy with six AIM-54 missiles and the Phoenix emblem on the fin. I'd be up for a B, E and F. I'm guessing that's a 4-5 year programme (and omits their 1/72 & 1/48 concepts) Tony
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