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Found 9 results

  1. Despite saying I wouldn't buy any more 1:48 - too many LSPs I want to do - I did succumb to an Academy F-86 when a fellow club member was having a small sale at a recent meeting. And I can't resist a Sabre, so started it almost immediately. I used a Quickboost seat and Eagle Strike decals, otherwise it's OOB, and it was quite a quick build just to get something finished. The upper surface camo was airbrushed freehand. So here it is: Sabre F4, 71 (Eagle) Sqn RAF, RAF Wildenrath, 1955. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hello, This is my Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk.4 in the AMI “Aeronautica Militare Italiana” markings of the 4° Squadron “Aerobrigata” based at Pratica di Mare (Rome) around 1960. HISTORY Originally produced by North American, the italian Sabre were produced by Canadair and sold to the Royal Air Force. When the Hawker Hunter arrived in the RAF, around 180 Sabre, designed F-86E(M), where transferred to the AMI. Within the AMI the Sabre was the first ever jet with swept wings and was used only in the air defence role. THE KIT The Sabre kit in 1/32nd was originally produced from Kinetic and reboxed by Italeri. I don’t have the Hasegawa kit, but many modellers say that the Kinetic Sabre is a “copy” of the Hasegawa’s one with recessed panel lines… Overall details are good, there is a nicve stressed skin effetc all around the fuselage and wings. Panel lines are a little bit too deep. As extra parts I’ve used Eduard PE sets for interior and exterior and a resin ejection seat from Avionix. I’ve added some details as hydraulic pipes to the undecarriage bays and legs. Paints are acrylics by Gunze and Tamiya range. Squadron markings, serial numbers and stencils are from Tauro Models decal sheets. A couple od RBF tags were added to finish the model. And now the pictures! CIAO! Piero
  3. I thought I'd pull this out of the stash for the GB. I was thinking about an Argentine aircraft, but on further investigation they didn't carry the slatted F40 wing. I might do a Columbian aircraft or failing to find those decals, just standard Luftwaffe. Armament will consist of two sidewinders and it looks like two 1000lbers.
  4. Hi guys, Last Saturday, I obtained Kitty Hawks F-86D Sabre-Dog. Since it builds into a pretty large and impressive model I have some questions on cockpit details that will be pretty visible on the model. So if you know your Dog Sabres, please help! 1. It seems that aiming and firing the rocket-armament was exclusively done through info presented on the radarscope? Didn't the aircraft have a back-up sight on top of the instrument panel/coaming? 2. Was the hood on the radar scope usually mounted on the scope or was it stowed some place and only fitted (in flight or before the flight) if conditions warranted it? The hood might often accidentally be knocked off by knees and legs of pilots entering or exiting the aircraft? 3. I'm looking for a/some photo(s) of the shelf behind the ejection seat under the open canopy. It features some black boxes and air/hydraulic reservoirs. I have a feeling that the Kitty Hawk depiction is a bit simplified. Thanks in advance for your assistance, Best regards, Erik.
  5. Hi, I finally finished my Kittyhawk F-86D, painted with Texas ANG markings. The build is OOB, with the only addition being the fabric seatbelts from Eduard/HGW. I started it in August during my hollydays, but i only cut, cleaned and glued small asemblies at this time as i was not home. I started painting and assembling it only in late august. It was not so long as i build another small model since then, so it took me about 2 months in all, but i did not worked on it every days. It was first primed in grey, sanded smooth and coated with Alclad gloss black. Then i polished it a lot with micromesh 12000 grit and applied a mix of AK chrome and polished aluminium. Compared with the Alclad hi shine finishes, the AK are a bit less reflective, but still quite good, though they are way stronger to adhesive tape and various manipulations. I used the stencils and emblems from the box, but most of the markings (ANG markings, stars-n-bars and also the walking area border) were painted with masks as i found the large decals from the box quite tricky to use and the national insigna blue was too light. Anyway, it's always better to paint on a NMF model as you avoid any carrier film, difficult to blend in when you cannot use any varnish coat (it would kill the sheen and the reflection). There has been a lot of masking for the dayglo orange surfaces, the suface traitement on some aluminium parts, exhaust area, and markings, but i'm quite happy with this original and colorful scheme. The weathering was quite light as on this kind of polished finish, there is not a lot to do. A just hi lighted the panels with a UMP wash (no enamel wash as the AK metal paints are enamels so i did not want to experiment something that could ruin everything !), as without it it looks a bit toyish (i mean when you can see the bottom of the panel lines painted on...). On the dayglo areas, i did not used "dark dirt" was as it would be too dark and would be unrealistic, so i used "rust" color instead. The build itself was not the easiest i did, but it was quite pleasent. Nothing was really difficult to solve, though it sometimes asked for a bit of thinking and a lot of trimming. Of course, some putty was involved, too. I have two other of the kind in the stash (F-86K, which i plan to build as a french and a german aircraft) and i think it will be easier next time now that i trained myself on this one. I hope you like it. As usual, i took indoor pictures (but with daylight) on a blue background (i prefer that that the usual white background wich is too agessive for the other colors, though my blue is too vivid. I should find a kind of neutral grey background...) and then full outdoor pictures. Here is the link to the WIP thread : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64229
  6. Hi, This is already an old build, but i've just decided to take it off the Shelf of Doom, where it has lasted for too long. Most F-86 builds represent Sabre from Korea war. So i just want to make something different and to build a Sabre in Europe. So it will be an aircraft from the 50th FBW, and i still have not decided if it will be from 81st FBS (yellow/black stripes) or 417th FBS (red stripes). Both were based at Hahn AFB in Germany : 417th FBS : 81st FBS : But it will definitely have the highly polished finish of peace time rather than the pretty dull aspect seen on aircraft flying over Korea. The build has been started about 2 years ago if i remember correctly. It is the Kinetic kit, with several aftermarket addition : AMS cockpit, AMS corrected nose and gun plates, Aires wheel bays and Aires airbrakes. The airbrakes were installed after gluing the rear fuselage, and it was a real pain to do so ! (i had to use my dremel). But the result looked good, even if i cant show them at the moment because they are still masked for the fuselage paint job (and same for the cockpit). The cockpit was painted grey, which was initially a mistake when i wanted to build a Korean war Sabre. But now i think it may be more coherent for a late F-30, in Europe, even if i am not really sure about this color detail. The fuselage and wings are now done, and i've already almost finished the highly polished aluminium finish. Here is where i am : The stripes will be all painted, and the Wing and Squadron insigna will be custom decals.
  7. I've just recently gotten back into creating aircraft profiles, more for fun and to get work off my mind. I know this site hosts quite a few really talented artists and historians and I would be really grateful if you all wouldn't mind giving a critique. It would really help me to keep getting better. http://bad-rabbit-design.deviantart.com/gallery/ My thanks in advance to all.
  8. For the Commonwealth CA-27 Sabre Mk32, I have two slightly strange requests for help. Does anyone have a detailed stencil map for the the starboard (port side irrelevant) fuselage which they could scan for me? Does anyone have a decent picture of the starboard Ammunition bay open and the requisite ammo boxes? I thank anyone in advance if they can help!
  9. mark31


    Hello now my F-84 is comming a end and its slowing down for paint to dry. I havemade the disicion to make a start on thenext kit. this one will also be foild. The kit im going to use. The markings im going to use are from col.W.B.Wilmot Suwon. some of the aftermarket only the nose ring is behind in the mail. Mark
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