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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings all, After lurking for a year+ on this site I'm going to take the plunge. This kit marks my return to modeling after more than three decades away. When I first saw this massive kit, and then later, what the excellent modelers here were doing with it, I could no longer resist joining in! And frankly, I can use all the help I can get! It will be my first attempt at anything not right out of the box, spraying anything that isn't in a rattle-can, so amateur fits. All tips and suggestions are welcome, constructive criticisms too. Some background... I've been working on this kit periodically since it came out so I have a bit of it together and am currently enjoying the build, I'm in hot mode and hope to be until it's finished. I got the MK1 Design - Super Detail Up PE, at BNAModelWorld early on and have all that primed with some in place as we speak. I'm intending this B-17 to be a camo, non-checkered 385th vertical stabilizer, and displayed gear down, bomb bay, crew hatch and waist door open, flaps down - if I don't mangle the PE beyond repair. Also intending to simulate a mission load on the main gear. This particular build will not be a specific ship, but an amalgam of planes from the 385th BG. The research was 95% the memories of my 97 yr old father and was intended for him, when he was living. Some wrong colors, strange scales for some of the scratch built stuff and various other atrocities, all on me of course, will result and are mostly from what I've finished already. Now, I do plan to build a specific plane (not sure which ship yet) with the re-release of the G model, but let me knock this one out, and learn a bit, first. I'll be back after work to post some photos of where I am currently, then I'll play catch up with photos from earlier in the project as the days go by. Thank you for reading this far! On an aside... I live 15 minutes away from the newly restored Memphis Belle (and the rest of the Museum of the USAF). I'm more than happy to grab photos for any modelers needing any visual references for their "F" kits. Only constraints, week days the museum is open while I'm at work. FYI: She is currently posed “in flightâ€, gear up and on supports about 15' above the floor. I haven't seen her in person yet, though. Below you'll no doubt recognize these two, image is from a photo-op as the Belle's debut approached, and not of my making...found on the interwebz. Respectfully Submitted / David
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