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Found 3 results

  1. So, I had been swapping all my 21st Century pre-built planes for more detailed modern kits but see that the kits available for the c.202 and c.205 are getting very pricey. My question is thus: how do these two "toys" by 21st compare to the real thing in terms of accuracy? I am considering taking them apart and noodling around with them to fix some of the toy aspect and do repaints since I can't justify the cost of the old PCM kits. Is this a reasonable idea? Thanks for any advice you all can give me. - Shell
  2. Hi ! I've bought this kit a few weeks ago, from another nice LSP member. Since then i cant wait to build it ! The casting is pretty good, and most small parts are in white metal. There are 2 PE sheets, one being for the very large radiator areas on the wings. The floats struts are supplied in both resin and metal, but the instructions recommend to use the metal ones as with the resin struts the build will lack rigidity. Sorry but i have not shoot pictures of that, but there was a kind of overthickness all around the cutting between both fuselage halves. I've sanded it clean, but then it impossible to close the fuselage halves because of the seat width. So, finally i dont know it this slight overthickness should have been removed or not... To correct it i've add some material using thin styrene sheet and adjusted it with sanding sticks. Now it's better.
  3. Hi, Here is my last finished build. I thought it would be faster to build, as there are not many parts in the kit, but it was pretty long, especially because of the praparation and care for the glossy finish. The kit is pretty good, with good fit, but i've made a few mistakes that i had to correct then. There was 3 M.39 racers in 1926 (+2 trainers), i've choosen the number 5, flown by De Bernardi, who was the winner of the race. The model was primed with tamiya pink primer, and then painted with tamiya TS-8. The propeller and propeller cone are in polished white metal. I know that my build has many little flaws but i've learned a lot about this kind of kits and aircraft, so i hope the next ones would be easier. However i'm very happy with it, and it bring a very nice touch of color in my display ! And 20's racers are absolutely beautiful aircraft. If it can help, here is the link to the WIP : http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=54058
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