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Found 5 results

  1. As I mentioned in my resurrected thread (from 2007!) in the 'In The Works' category, I finished up my Hobbycraft boxing of the Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat. I did most of the finishing in 2014-2015 but it sat again for a few years until last night when I finally re-did the aerials with EZ Line. I had made the masts out of brass, as the plastic ones were just to fragile to hold an aerial no matter what the material used. So, here's a few rough finished portraits. She's decorated rather plainly, I think it's nice celebrating the vast majority of aircraft that did not get a flashy paint job or nose art or whatever. Just good old #3, finally done! Enjoy and thanks for looking in. Jimbo
  2. This is an old 1/48 scale model of mine that gathered that sticky coating of dust over the years so I decided to give it a makeover Model details are - Airwaves - cockpit etch and whitemetal undercarriage legs Cooper - propellor,spinner and fuel tanks Rockets from Flightpath detail set Scratchbuilt - wingfold and details around undercarriage doors etc Decals from AeroMaster 48-712 plus some from spares box The following photo is of this model posed with an old 1/48 PP Aerokits Vacform Firefly Mark5 both in the markings of 17CAG HMS Theseus during Korean War CJP
  3. This was a relatively quick build, something else to work on while I concentrate on the Special Hobby P-39. I've been asked to build a Billy Bishop Nieuport 17 and was given the HobbyCraft kit as the basis. I've found that if I first build the HC kit, then build the Italeri re-box, I do a better job the second time around, in addition to the Italeri having better decals. Did not do a lot with weathering, more concentrated on fit and adjustments and just trying to get the wings aligned, etc. Yep, drunken sailor there, dipping the port wing a bit, amazingly enough, the wings and all the struts are actually attached. That is a major accomplishment in one of my WWI builds. Had a little problem with the '2' decal and masking... Thanks to Big Tim for sending me a copy of the decal sheet so I could make a mask. I'm definitely learning how to make masks, and Tamiya tape is not always the best idea. I'm learning! Also a pic of the seat cushion I made out of Squadron white putty. It was an easy and fun build, so shortly will be on to the Billy Bishop build. Chris
  4. The old Hobbycraft Avia makes into a decent model, even if it's starting to get a bit old. I added the SC 50 bomb rack with bombs out of another model as the kit gives you a drop tank, which is inaccurate. I also replaced the 20mm barrels with those from a Hasegawa Bf 109, as the kit supplied ones were far too thick. Decals came from Aeromaster, as I've had previous negative experiences with Hobbycraft decals, however, the fuselage band and the fin flash decals were not even close to fitting, so these were masked and painted. It really is time for a new mold 1/48 Avia.
  5. I picked this up pretty cheap second had and I'm glad I didn't pay much for it. The kit is devoid of detail and some of the fit is bad, the undercarriage in-particular. I also added some RP-3 rockets from the Airfix Seafire XVII that I did not use. If I'm to build another Sea Fury it'll be either the Trumpeter kit (despite it's problems) or the Fisher model. The decals used were from Blackbird Models; Latin American Air Wars Vol 1 - Bay of Pigs. They are very nice decals, thin, glossy and settle down well with Mr Mark softener. However, the colour scheme given for '541' is probably incorrect for the period and I suspect they were looking at pictures of the Sea Fury in the Cuban Air Force Museum, that is painted a touch haphazardly. They also missed the small '541' decal for the undercarriage main gear doors (I put this on with spare decals). On the colour scheme, '541' was painted in a two tone, wrap around striped camouflage of a lighter and darker colour. What these two colours were is anyone's guess. The decal sheet suggest a light green and an olive drab and I substituted the olive drab for an olive green. It's probably flown against the invasion in the Bay of Pigs and according to sources, shot down a rebel flown B-26. Sources say all Cuban Sea Fury's were repainted overall olive drab before the invasion, but pictures to show this aircraft armed with rockets with a pilot stepping into it, so without a date on the picture, who knows for sure?
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