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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All. well my 2 Texans should be arriving in a few days and then I want to get busy immediately. One of them I want to do with a lot of interior detail visible - including side covers off so that the cockpit is visible from the sides, and the 2nd all closed up and together, and maybe even "in flight" so a lot of parts wont even be used. In both cases I will not be using any of the weapons at all. Not sure if I would do the first one with cowling off as well - or maybe half the cowling off (or a third to be exact) Schemes. Most likely SAAF (South African) Dayglo scheme form the 1980s with sprinbok insignia. Despite the amazing decals provided for "Deb" I may just choose to do the other one in some other South African scheme, like a target tug or ? dont know. I doubt I will be using many of the SAAF decals supplied for 7111 as the colouration looked a bit off, but will have a good look when i get the kits. I would like to get the Vector engine when they have stock again.
  2. I'm currently building KH's Texan as a Harvard IIa of the Rhodesian Air Training Group, specifically Harvard EX490 which was based at 20 SFTS Cranborne in 1943/4. My reasons for choosing this particular aircraft are very simple: a) it was flown by my father during his pilot training days: and there's an excellent colour photograph of it in the IWM collection: My intention is to show the detail that KH have put into the engine area by cutting off the nose panels and not fitting some of the cowling though the "plumbing" both electrical and hydraulic will be a best guess based on the sources that I currently have, so therefore not 100% accurate by any means! To try to make it as correct as I feel inclined to (and I know this is a potential minefield), I have the AlleyCat canopy (which I've reviewed on this site), AMS Resin's 9' prop blades, Scale Aircraft Conversions whitemetal landing gear (though I think KH's is OK (?), and Airscales WW2 RAF instrument dial decals ready for the corrected instrument panel that I'm making: When finished it'll be displayed as a small diorama with this chap sitting waiting for the repairs to be done: More later on the build Max
  3. Latest release from Oldmodels Decals: Nine sets of decals covering the history of the Harvards in RNZAF service from 1941 to the current aircraft in the Historic Flight. These sets are available in 1/32 (and smaller scales). the sets are: 1. early war - 1941-42 2. mid war - 1943-44 (the camouflage scheme) 3. late war - late 44 - 45 VJ day 4. post war to the end of the 40s 5. the 1950s scheme up to 1957 6. the TAF Squadrons aircraft 7. the fernleaf roundels schemes 1957-69 including the early Red Checkers markings 8. the "final" scheme 1970-77 including the later Red Checkers markings 9. the current scheme of the Historic Flight aircraft (NZ1015) The decals are available through my website www.oldmodelsdecals.com . Enjoy! John
  4. I'm in the early stages of building my 1/32nd KittyHawk Texan, which I'm finishing as a Harvard IIa based at 20 SFTS Cranborne in S Rhodesia. The instrument panels supplied are just for the Texan but can anybody give me a good reference/photos/drawings of those for the Harvard? I've seen some fairly recently but can I find it again? Max
  5. Hi Team, just wondered if anyone had put together a tweak list for the Texan/Harvard kit yet? I'd love to do a Harvard IIb from 4FTS, RAF Heany, 1952-3 , but am getting a bit baffled by what the different versions were. I know I need the canopy set from Ali, but what else? Thanks in advance! Tim
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