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Found 3 results

  1. I'd like to present to you all my just completed build, the Kinetic/Academy F/A-18B done as the RAAF's 3 Squadron A21-103. Started December 24/12/2017, finished 4/3/2018.
  2. I had been contemplating building a C-47 Dakota for a while and still plan to, but when it looked like decals i was after might be a while in coming, I went back to the stash and had another look, and thats when I saw it. The Spartan. As A34-003 has just been delivered to Australia, I saw it was a fitting time. I opened up the kit and boy was I surprised with the detail and resources within. You get a full colour photo booklet detailing both the inside and out of the real thing. The instruction booklet is well drawn and easy to follow, though the colour call out doesn't always match the photos from what I can tell. But the interior detail is what really surprised me. I was originally going to build it buttoned up and OOB, but when I saw that interior, I knew that would no longer be the case. I was saving these seats for when I do my next Caribou, but that interior is just begging for them. As you can see the interior of the Spartans are a dark colour, but the instructions call for Model Master light Grey. It's a darker grey on the RAAF Spartans than used on the others in the grey fleet. I'm going to have to do some colour matching. I probably shouldn't be surprised that the Spartan is not much bigger than the Caribou, but I am. It will look good next to it in the cabinet. I look forward to working on this one.
  3. Alright, lets get into this. I have a rule that I have no more than two builds on the go at once. This keeps models from stagnating on the shelf of doom and allows me to keep track of where I am at more easily. With my current 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35A build so near to completion (it will be finished today) I decided it was time to start on a project I have been looking forward to starting for a while. A F-4E Phantom II as they were seen when the Royal Australian Airforce briefly had them on loan from the US, whilst waiting for our order of F-111's to be ready. I had been collecting aftermarket for this some time, but still have a few items I want to pick up. Nothing major, just some FOD covers and RBF tags. But at the moment I have the Eduard canopy masks and interior PE set, the Aires exhaust set and some resin bang seats. Opening the box up and taking a look at the contents, it at first looked a little daunting to a 1/48 builder like myself. But I am looking forward to the challenge. I started with the intakes. As I am going for a parked build, with Canopy open, FOD covers on and tags in place, I am not to concerned with getting the seamless intakes, but still thought it was a good opportunity to practice filling injection marks and getting a smooth finish. And then I started on getting the cockpit under way. I have the Eduard colour PE set for the IP, but I am also going to have a hand at following EricG's example and have a go at scratching up some IP too. I'll see how I go though. I fear my hopes and ideas may exceed my abilities. But you only get better through practice. Right? Thanks for looking. Here are my photos of the F-4 we have at the RAAF museum at Point Cook in Victoria. It's not an one of the ones we had, but it's painted up the same and is quite impressive to stand beside. https://www.flickr.com/photos/destroyer8564/albums/72157672014203432
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