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Found 21 results

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jerry and all the Gang. May the LSP WIZARD shower you with huge kits and have a Fantastic Birthday. ENJOY your celebrations with you with your kith and kin. Jolly Roger (45 years old) K5IKL (79 years old) leoasman (45 years old) riggerray (70 years old) TomcatFanatic123 (39 years old) zipper
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Guys. ENJOY this auspicious day .
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend Dr.Karl ..... hope your Birthday is a Special one as you celebrate it with your family and friends.... also Happy Birthday to ChuckT &Gustav.. gentlemen. Have a super day ...
  4. 1.airscale (51 years old) aldur (40 years old) Grumman F3F (64 years old) Joel_W (71 years old) Koralik (45 years old) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike C... Peter.... Joel et al. Have a fantastic Birthday and enjoy the day Gentlemen. And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY late MOM who would have been 94 today. Gone but still lovingly remembered on Her birthday. BLUE Skies MOM.. insallah you are at Peace. MARU 5137..
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rob... you have the whole Chocolate cake to yourself today :SO have a Super Fabulous Birthday. Enjoy and day amd wish the LSP WIZARD showers you with HUGE WIINGY THINGYS..
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anthony. May your Aviation dreams be filled with much laughter and happiness. Have a FANTABULOUS BIRTHDAY MY friend. Anthony in NZ(49 years old) And to all others A good Happy Birthday too. ENJOY the celebrations. Chris w(57 years old) dogzboz(62 years old) dthank(54 years old) Manu(50 years old) MattyH(40 years old) stickyfingers(43 years and Wunwinglow....
  7. Dan, A Very Super HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Enjoy the celebrations and may your Stash grow gracefully. it was a pleasure talking to you in Phoenix. Beers are on ME.... and a very happy Birthday to other LSPers who celebrate their joyous day to day too.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO you all. SWApilot , Tomasz Hajzler ,hundo and pydeec.... have a fantabulous , fun plasticy BIRTHDAY Gentlemen. ENJOY.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY stikpusher,tchwrma,boness & afterburner. So Gentlemen.... it's been a year since I last wished you a happy Burthday.. Well it's here again... Have a FABTABULOUS PLASTICY Birthday and Enjoy the Liquor and Chocolates.. Woo hoo. Save a piece of the cake for US too!!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gentlemen. Have a Fine Joyful Birthday. Here's to many more. MustangManiac,Radders,Eagle Driver, KONGO79 and hurribomber.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul. I know you haven't been here In a while but haven't forgotten it's your Birthday today. So here's to a very Happy Birthday Paul and all those who celebrate theirs too. Have a GOOD ONE.
  12. Celebrating Today their Birthday ...A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Iain. May the LSP WIZARD make you huge gifts of plastic and unusual WINGY THINGY.... Enjoy. (52) Iain (32SIG) (50) Brian Mikulencak (33) Icari Progene (46) DH764 (49) Vynce804 Gentlemen Have a fantastic Birthday with your family and friends.
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shepard . Habe a great super BIRTHDAY and best wishes for the day and many more. And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Gentlemen ENJOY the celebration with family and friends. P-40 ,Dave Pratt , Padraic Conway, Wally and sea king 66.
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very good friend Jeff. Have a lovely,super Birthday with your family and friends... and ENJOY your 60th .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you razorblade , BarryWilliams ,MrPRRose & PeeCeeBee. Have a joyous BIRTHDAY . May each one of you have many more.
  15. Today would have been MY Father's 93rd Birthday but he passed away while WE three siblings were young. :SALUTE: So to MY Father , Happy Birthday. Blue Skies Dad. Probably still flying around no doubt. Also Happy Birthday to Mike W, Ungoliat and others who share this Birthday. Have a great day Gentlemen.
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tom and everyone celebrating today's Birthday. Have a smashing Birthday with your family and friends Tomprobert,Viper Enforcer ,Billy26,Joerg ,Saber.
  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gentlemen. May you have a pleasant, wonderful plastic filled Birthday with gifts galore. ENJOY. (48) Dave Roof (55) IJ001 (37) zak (54) Expat Tomcat (45) oddball1973 (55) A-10LOADER (56) sspit62 (53) simonrw1965 (??) speedgraflex
  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uilleann. Have a Jolly day. and also to: mpcpe, Steve,calaire and everyone else who shares this birthday. Have a Fun plasticy FANTABIDOZEE birthday. May the LSP WIZARD brings you lots of HUGE WINGY THINGYS.
  19. David , Mike , Qvarre et al.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL. May the LSP Wizard shower you With lots of HUGE WINGY THINGYS to fondle. Have a super day with your family and friends.. ENJOY.
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Angelo. May your Birthday be filled with joy and lots of HUGE WINGY THINGY. Have a WONDERFUL day... ENJOY... and Happy Birthday to Eelco and Ch4vetrep..
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Doug and kilatas. Have a Joyous happy day. May the LSP Wizard shower you With LSP WINGY THINGYS. ENJOY.
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