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Found 41 results

  1. Hi everyone - New LS products available now! Email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks. 32D017 Fw 190 A-8/R2 Sturmbock £5.50 32P015 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2 conversion (designed to be used with Hasegawa and Revell kits)Bf-109G-6) £15.30 32P016 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-4 conversion (designed to be used with Hasegawa and Revell kits)Bf-109G-6) £12.60 32P017 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-4/R3 conversion (designed to be used with Hasegawa and Revell kits)Bf-109G-6) £15.30
  2. Hi everyone, a small budget sheet for the 1/32 Revell Fw 190 A-8/R2 as I had some space left on another decal sheet I needed to fill. Enjoy. Should be available by end of September
  3. I'm going to see if I can keep two builds going at once. I'm almost to the halfway point on the Corsair build and once the wings are complete, painting will begin and I think that is a good time to have another project going. This is the Hasegawa Bf109K-4 kit. I've not built this one yet but having built the Hasegawa Fw190D-9 three times, I feel a sense of familiarity as I look at the sprues on this kit. I'll be adding some aftermarket to this build including, in no particular order: 1. Eagle Editions 109K-4 Resin Cockpit Set 2. Henri Daehne 109G/K Resin Prop Set 3. RB Productions 109K-4 Wheel Well Detail Set 4. RB Productions 109G/K Erla Canopy 5. Barracuda Studios 109G/K Resin Wheels 6. AIMS Late War 109s Decal Sheet 7. Eagle Cals 109K-4 Decal Sheet 8. Airscale Luftwaffe Instrument and Placard Decal Sheets 9. MDC resin ammo chutes The aircraft I will be modeling is White 8, Werk Nummer 332884, which was captured in this striking color photo: It's represented in this profile painting by Claes Sundin: And also recently by AIMS Models on their Late War 109s decal sheet: Since I have Silhouette Portrait cutter, I will be using the AIMS decal sheet to produce masks for the major markings. The only decal I will be using from the AIMS sheet will probably be the "Gabi" inscription below the canopy. The Eagle Cals 109K-4 sheet will be available for stencils. I am going to try and use the AIMS and Eagle Cals decal sheets to produce masks for the spinner spiral.
  4. First fresh build for 2019. Just finishing off a P51 from the 15th FG 308th This is part 1 of a 2 ship build based up Piotr Forkasiewicz artwork for the eduard 1/48th G10 profipack. I recently picked up the Japo KG(J)6 109 book and it has several erla built machines which feature the red and black chequered defence band so a red stripe/red chequered build off was on. I haven't decided upon the exact plane just yet.
  5. Hi everyone, well as many of you know I started a model in the summer with every intention of just enjoying modelling for myself but what always happens happened - I started thinking of products! It is the nature of the beast I guess but I really do want to crack on with the Revell bf 109 G-10 Erla and I have three new products at hand to help me along with the fantastic Barracuda items.I really need to set aside days that are for me, not AIMS otherwise I will never get anything built other than un-painted display models. I enjoyed painting the Aires cockpit - the fit caused problems and I still have large gaps in the canopy sill to work on but I was able to get the fuselage closed up fairly quickly. I wish I had not as when I decided I wanted a 'hatches and latches' set I now have lots of holes in the fuselage with no pre-installed interior detail so I will have to do the best I can. The upper cowl, whilst not perfectly addressing the width of the engine cowl does however trick the eye into thinking the cowl is much wider than it was, it isn't but the flatness of the resin part really helps together with the gun openings being further apart. Sadly after production was well underway I was informed that on Erla machines the gun opening is not straight cut at the back like on the U4 so I have rounded off mine a little and also made the cut outs for the weapons. Next up is post filling some of the interior areas and then onto laying in the PE hatch rims, all good fun!
  6. Well there she is. A bit late in the weekend, but finally had time to take pictures and post them here. This is my latest build. I started this build in June 2016 but it stalled due to becoming a father again, so the better part of 2017 was a lost year for modelling. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I finished the bird! When I first heard of this conversion I had to have it. I had seen pictures of it as a kid and it always struck me as such an advanced design, almost alien like. I bought the excellent book about this plane from Cristoph Vernaleken and Martin Handig. These men have done a lot of research on this subject and their book and website http://ju388.de is invaluable if you want to model this plane. But I have to say, the book is not written with the modeler in mind. So I think that about 30/40% of my time went into research. John form AIMS did a stellar job in researching and creating the conversion, but there was still room for improvement.. With a lot of searching on the web, visiting several obscure forums, and with a little help from people here, I had enough info to make the most accurate representation of it to my ability. In the process you learn a lot about your subject which is one aspect I like about modeling. Anyway, I'm not going to repeat all the steps I have taken in the build. If you're interested you can visit my WIP-thread here on LSP: Link. But I'll give a short summary of what I used for this build. Model: Revell Ju88 A4 Conversion: AIMS Ju388 L-1 Aftermarket: Henri Daehne propellers Anttena: scratch build with Albion Alloy fit and slide tubes Instrument panel: Designed and 3D printed instrument panel Painting: Mr. Paint (primarily) Weathering: AK Interactive Paneliner So, there you have it. Without further ado, here are the pictures. Please feel free to ask questions or give critique (don't hold back, I can take it). Wouter
  7. Hi everyone, a new 109 decal sheet coming in the new year for G-6 White 1, G-14 Double Chevron, G-14? red 2, Graf's G-6 'Special,' Black/Green? K-4 plus extra 202 victory badge for Graf (not a tulip machine - just wanted to make the marking) and also Black/green? '3' just as an extra in case someone wants to make the other known K-4 tulip machine with a stab flight number on it. Enjoy.
  8. Hi everyone, my lower engine plug and cowls for the Revell Bf 109 G-6 and the G-10 Erla kits are available now - both sets are priced £12.50 plus shipping. If you are interested email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com many thanks John
  9. Hi everyone, available soon is my replacement upper cowl part with much flatter top and wider gun-troughs. You would not believe how much doing these two adjustments tricks the eye into thinking the whole engine cowl is much wider! This is what you could call a cost-effective compromise correction haha! £TBC
  10. Hi all After receiving the alternate canopy from John I started with his Ju388 L1 conversion set for the Revell Ju88. I've started this build for the 1945 Luftwaffe group build on LSM which runs till December 2016, but I'm not sure if I will make it in time. I have only half a year left and it's a lot more work then I anticipated. I figured I could post the wip here as well for all of you to enjoy. On to the build then. This was my starting point . Cheers, Wouter
  11. Hi everyone my two new Bf 109 sets have just arrived, email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested. 32PE006 £5.50 + shipping, 32PE007 £9.00 + shipping
  12. Hi everyone, lots of discomfort with knee still as I am off the crutches but needs must and thanks everyone for your kind support. Not officially back to work yet as cannot drive to get order to post office or stand long casting etc but I have some news.... Before my op I took delivery of some samples of my vacuform bf 110 G rear canopy design in a slightly thicker vac material - 1mm- 0.7mm from bottom of sill to ceiling; the idea being to investigate the possibility of a tall (45mm) thin part being able to be cast in clear resin. Feeling a bit better a few days ago I cut one whole section out of the vac box as well as cannibalizing another vac for the crew hatch only. These were mounted and a mould made and then cast with normal resin with good results. Feedback from the guys that do my clear resin parts is that it should work but will be very fragile due to being so thin. Any thicker is just not an option for good scale modelling and so no attempt has been made to add interior framing detail to the master so that there is nothing to hinder de-moulding such fragile clear parts. I will be sending the parts off in the post asap and will let you know results. These- if successful will be available for sale to those who have purchased my conversions already and will be included in future sales as follows - each kit will have 1x vac, 1x full clear resin part, 1x clear resin hatch so there is as much choice as possible. Obviously I do not have a price yet. Anyway I will let you know as and when, Best wishes John
  13. Hi Everyone - not sure i can put non LSP products in the vendors forum so posting here, thanks for looking. Sheet retails at £9.00 each plus shipping, email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks
  14. Hi Everyone - not sure i can put non LSP products in the vendors forum so posting here, thanks for looking. Sheet retails at £9.00 each plus shipping, email me at aimsmodels1@gmail.com if interested, thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, Ok so in the next few weeks the first 82 Bf 110 customers 'should' have their collective 100 AIMS conversion sets (conversion not upgrade Andy ok haha) and as it has been suggested why not have a group build? Well I have never taken part in a group build in my life so a nice way to start with something I created myself. As the donor kit is expensive making the whole deal expensive this is not something to be rushed and so I think the end of the build needs to be one year from now. I am also wondering if it is possible on LSP to have a winner? I would obviously not be allegeable. I would like to offer a prize to the model that is voted/scored the highest - the only proviso being there are at least 5 finished models to pick from. If a vote/ score is not something that can be arranged no problems we just have a normal group build. I will be making Bf 110 G-2 2N+EN with the gun pack and rockets - why because I can't decide what G-4 to do haha.
  16. Hi everyone. AIMS will be at the Euro Model Expo, Lingen, Germany 24th, 25th March so come and say hello - please note the below. This is my first German show in 17 years of AIMS - most of you know my products so can appreciate I am a little stuck. Please I do not wish this post to turn into a long rights and wrongs of German law thread - it is just an advert to tell you I am at Lingen and to be careful with my products, thanks Due to National markings please do not open kits inside the show & AIMS decal range is available at the show but not on view
  17. Some of you expressed a strong desire for an AM supplier to sell a clear resin canopy for the Bf110-G conversion set (which comes with two vacuform ones that require some surgery and skill to replace the kit canopy). So I thought I would see if there's enough interest to tempt someone who can cast clear resin. This is no knock on Pastor John's conversion set, which is awesome. He made a business and production decision to use vacuform instead of clear resin, and I suspect most modelers will be happy with the vacuform canopy.
  18. Hi everyone, I am now also offering a 'basic' Bf 110 early F set, no decals, PE or Vac just the resin needed to make an early verion before the late F changed the rear canopy section to MG 81Z configuration. This set is perfect if you have bought the F/G-2 full set from me to make one of the G-2s as you then have the decals to make S2+DA of St. G. 77 or indeed the Romanian Nighfighter plus a G-2 £28.00 Postage per set £6.00 Europe, £8.00 everywhere else Please include full address in Paypal notebox when ordering. Payment is sent to email address aimsmodels1@gmail.com
  19. Hi everyone, a few years back I read lots of messages about a new 1/32 Bf 110 conversion and so I put off doing it myself. As nothing seems to have happened I am going to start work on it as soon as my Ju 88 P-1 is finished. I have never yet failed to make good on a product I say I will do and although there is always a first time I do not anticipate this being so. I am not looking for pre-orders or anything or even a show of hands as I gleaned from the earlier posts that enough people wanted one but be warned the kit is expensive already never mind adding a comprehensive conversion to the price. Those of you who know me know I keep my mark-up to the minimum and I will try my best to continue in this vein but it has to be worth the time I pour into it. Not sure what to do about photos - sad that I have lost all my old posts and can not afford to pay for a photobucket subscription - shame this site does not allow you to upload direct from your PC like FB. Any suggestions? best wishes as ever ex pastor John haha
  20. Hi Everyone, Just been prompted to give an update, as I contract out for parts I do not have the tools for I tend to be at the mercy always of other people time scales! The replacement 388 L-1 is a suck in vac rather than a suck over vac. The dimensions of the former fit much better. Examples were sent to me which were too thin, more samples were sent to me just the same sadly and so I hope the message has been received and they are in the pipeline. I hate waiting for others - especially when clear instructions are ignored - had the message about the thickness been actioned we would have them by now. As for the 388 J-1 again the delay is the canopy - I could have it available all ready with a vac form canopy but every body wants a clear resin canopy and so the master has been sent to Bob at MDC. He is a good man and a friend but his hands are full. i hope that before April he can get a suck in mould made, use 1mm vac material to make a suck in copy thick enough to turn into a master for casting in clear resin. Me 262 A-1a/U3 decals should arrive at end of next week according to Ray at Fantasy Printshop and these include the decals for the 388 J. so it is just the canopy that we are waiting for. Best wishes and a Happy New Year to all my friends and customers John
  21. Hi everyone, just an update on the Ju 88 P-1, I picked up at E Day my BK 75s from Schatton-Modelbau and at same time received news that the 3D design was finished and will soon be printed. I already have the simple decal slip here at home for some time. This will be a simple and in-expensive conversion with the gondola made as a clear vac together with the rest of the belly and lower nose, either mask off the windows and use the whole part or mask off, cut out gondola only and re-scribe / add strengthening strips to kit belly parts. I will make new copy of my existing Ju 88 G-6 nose master and add extra plate to the bottom and re-mould. With only one factory photo of one side of the BK 75 breech I am unwilling to try and design the interior for this set - plus since starting to invest in its production the A-4 disappeared from Revell's production list so i just doing a basic set as I am not hopeful for large sales and so want it as cheap as possible. I know its wrong scale but perhaps those of you wanting to have the crew hatch open and see the breech will use a Tamiya gun part?
  22. Hi Guys, Started work on the 1/32 Ju 388 J. managed to start work on the windscreen, upper dipol positions and scribed bottom half of circular nose cap - wonder if a 388 will appear in the next PIXAR film? PLANES 2 staring Jerry the Ju 388
  23. Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have been able to re-launch my Mistel 1 set with the additional item of the bulged 109 canopy in clear resin. The set is now £55.00 and includes as before the warhead, two styles of detonator trunk, white metal cradle, decals for Red 6 and White 1 as well as PE frame best wishes John
  24. Hi everyone, I have been working on this on and off for over a year but a small break from other projects let me finish it. I did not want to compete with the Profimodeller Bomb bay and it was always intending that this set would be for those Ju 88s / 188s using the Rüstsätze B2 extra fuel tank in the 2nd bomb bay. I can find no clear photos or factory confirmation on what doors / panel was fitted when using this conversion - at first glance one would assume that a panel like the forward bay - when used for fuel - would be employed with its three fuel venting points but the B2 could not use these as the centre frame is in the way so my guess is that this conversion used what ever was on hand - 4 or 2 door set up. Anyway I have finished the test shot of the PE today and will make sure everything fits as it should. I also started making the fuel tank which will be a resin item. Best wishes, John
  25. Hi everyone, thanks for all the encouragement and support along the way, Thanks to Chris and Steve for photos as well. I might try and get some photos taken with a nice field in the background instead of my garden wall but it 24 in the shade at the moment and there is not a cloud in the sky so photos will be terrible not to mention the model might melt or fall apart on the way thanks to our wonderful Hungarian roads which are world famous. Enjoy and thanks for looking and you know what to do if you want to buy anything
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