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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm starting a new build and I'm wanting to do the captured paint scheme of Koga's Zero. I'm already messing up though I do think. I've tried two approaches to doing the Aotake blue-green and I don't think either looks good. The lighter one is by Model Master and is Japanese interior Blue. The other one I tried mixing the suggested colors Tamiya has in the manual and to me it looks too Blue in color. I know this subject has been beat to death on colors, but I'm not doing so hot here and remembering why I always stayed away from Japanese subjects. Here is what it looks like so far: Thanks, Brady
  2. Hello everyone, I'm interested in doing a model of the Chinese captured Zero, V-172 serial 3372, in the paint scheme it carried after the Chinese forces handed it over to the U.S. for testing. You can see a lot of pictures and background information here on the Pacific Wrecks website: http://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/a6m2/3372.html It's probably a more interesting and accurate article than listening to me ramble anyway. Not to mention you can go to the main part of that website and see information and whatever photos they have on LOTS of captured Japanese warbirds from WWII. Anyway, what I'm trying to figure out is what colors to use on the insignia in the pictures where the Zero is being guarded by an American MP towards the bottom of that article. I'm thinking this is just a blue circle and the insignia isn't finished yet. The bars however I'm puzzled with because they seem way too dark to be white and they're not the same color as the circle. I don't think this is the original Japanese insignia as the circle either because it originally seemed to be closer to the rear of the canopy frame than the insignia is in the last photos where they seem to be closer to the tail once the Zero was in American possession. I haven't found photos of this bird where the Chinese painted their insignia on the fuselage at all, they just painted the fuselage OD Green and Neutral Grey. I'm guessing that we didn't change the OD Green over Neutral Grey paint scheme once we got it in American possession. Why give it a whole new paint job when you can just paint new insignias over the Chinese markings and be done? I have one photo of this bird where it still has its Chinese tail number but U.S. insignia under the right wing from before it received the EB-2 or EB-200 tail codes. This bird is also easy to identify by the custom made panels behind the cowling flaps on each side that have vents in them unlike the ones produced by either Japanese manufacturer, so that makes it easy to identify no matter what the paint scheme is. Tell me your thoughts on the colors please so I can build it. Cheers, Brady
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