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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, Back in the late seventies I was a young boy with no money and little on his mind but models. One summer my father gave me this while I was visiting him on Summer vacation: Until that time, the only 109 I had known of was the Monogram 109 E Adolf Galland kit. Needless to say, it was the best gift I ever thought I was given before I became an adult. But the story was to take a bad turn. My father lived with a neat-freak on-and-off again girlfriend. I had set the kit to dry after adding the wings to the fuselage and was then shipped off to the grandparents for a few days. When I got back, the kit was gone. Nobody copped to it, not did anyone offer to replace it. Pretty much ruined summer vacation. Since I returned to modelling a few years ago, the kit had occasionally come across my memory and when I saw the box at the local big model show show, I grabbed it like a drowning man would grab a life preserver. I was going to recapture that stolen part of my childhood! After having the kit for 6 months, I got down to it. Old fashioned sprues and parts with hinges... I can tell that man y of the parts are a bit... shall we say... inaccurate. Because the decals are only a few years younger than me, I decided on a great profile by a great artist Claes Sundin. Did I mention I have a Silhouette Portrait? Image for discussion only. Painting the pilot was the first hurdle. A hurdle because my figure painting skills are pretty unskilled. No point in doing the boots... they'll disappear. He's pretty huge and completely blanks out the sides and bottom of the cockpit. This allowed me to dispense with doing more to the lower cockpit than a coat of RLM 66. What was supposed to be a simple exercise in thinning the trailing edges of the wings turned into opening the radiators and dropping the flaps turned into some major transplant surgery as a slip of the saw ruined one of the Revell Cooling flaps. The Trumpy ailerons were too narrow in chord as they neared the wing tip. So, no more gray parts. This was supposed to be OOB. The engine didn't deserve too much love as it wasn't going to show anyway and the IP wasn't even close, so I blackened the instrument faces and dry-brushed the indicators. It doesn't show so well but the pilot is so big, that I don't think it'll matter. The pilot was only painted with tube acrylic paints, so I covered him with the tip of a rubber glove for protection. I filled all of the hinges in with milliput and used white card to shim the cowl and wing-to-fuselage joint. You may have noticed hints of brass in the machine gun troughs. These are some Master Barrels MG 131's that also came with a brass Pitot tube. The Kit is inaccurate. I know that... but I've really enjoyed getting to this point. I've fabricated some small parts with card, and I have some scribing to do to add some details like the fuel hatch behind the canopy. Thanks for looking! Gaz