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Found 8 results

  1. A little something I threw together watching the Cricket World Cup the last two weeks. This is Bronco's 1/35 40mm Bofors gun. It's a good kit, well detailed and fitting but with some frustrating points. Some sections are over complicated with detail included that cannot be seen once completed or photo etch that could have been included as molded on detail with a loss of detail. Also make sure you read ahead in the instructions as parts often need to fit into others in steps down the road, if you mess up the alignment you will have trouble down the road. It would also be nice if Bronco included some extra smaller parts as they are easy to lose. It's finished with Gunze Olive drab and weathered with MiG pigments dry mud and European dust.
  2. I took a break from most of the kits on my bench and decided to start a couple new builds over the last month and a bit. To mix it up, I went with some 1/35 armour kits. First up is the Miniart Dingo Mk1b Some of the parts were truly small.
  3. Looking for aftermarket pilot and gunner figures to add to the excellent Academy AH-1Z kit. Your recommendations are appreciated!
  4. Hello! Time to start another vehicle build. Some months ago we placed an order for Spdesign conversion sets via an Ukrainian online shop. My part of the order was a BREM-2 conversion and a T-80UM Bars - the "King of the Hill in yellow and violet camo. While still waiting for a decent styrene T-80U kit (Tumpeter announced one this year) (yeah, I know the Skif kit - thats why I wait for Trumpeter) I added a cheap Trumpeter BMP kit to my Skyraider order. Just to make good use of the shipping costs and so. The cheapest was a Chinese IFV version that went for less than 18 Euros. This will do the trick, because I just need the lower hull and suspension. What is the BREM-2? The recovery Version of the BMP family. Not very common compared to the vast numbers of BMPs all around. The turret was removed and replaced with a 1,5 ton crane and an internal spill for recovery of stuck vehicles plus a open cargo platform at the rear top and some more dothats useful for recovery of vehicles. Crew of 3, a top mounted PKT for self defense. That's it. If you don't know SPdesigns: This is Sergej Paksjukov from Ukraine casting conversion and correction sets of modern soviet/russian/ukrainian AFV stuff. Sergej started with corrections and conversions for Skifs T-80, corrections for Dragons BTRs, and a line of both conversions and full kits of MT-LB based vehicles. His early efforts were hard to build "Cottage industries" stuff, with bubbles, warping, even jelly spots were the resin hadn't cured. Good old days like other AM stuff from the past. Nowadays his castings are good, straight, with hollow turrets and even some interior parts here and there. Only drawback are huge pour stubs running along the parts, and you have the choice to cut into the part or to remove tons of resin. Old School modelling as we like it. Not to forget: If you are looking for all the command, control, communication vehicles to complete your battery of IM molded SAM or arty vehicles from Trumpeter and co then is SPdesigns THE only game in town. Let's begin! Regards - dutik
  5. hello to you all like i have said here is the toppic on my next build to get the juice flowing. Im going for some armour. This is the kit im going to build. The kit hase about 800 pieces the construction start with the chassis. This is what already is done the until today. [/url Next up to do is the suspension. Mark
  6. Got DMLs M-46 Patton in the "Orange box" (re-issue of older kits with an extra set of figures) some time ago for cheap. Removed it from the stash because my LSP Korea GB build stalled to get at least something related finished. Major parts assembled: Fit of the hull is superior. No need for Putty! Only gap was at the hull front. Closed it with a thin strip styrene. Some reviews pointed to a fit problem between upper and lower turret half and another at the front part. Nothing noted here. Only at the front part was to the left and right a small gap, easy filled with a little bit of putty. Amazing! A good advise: Check the instructions carefully! There are some holes to be opened in the hull and a backplate to be installed behind the hull MG BEFORE closing the hull! Same with the turret front: Install the smaller parts before gluing the larger front and back parts together. I missed this and had to cut down the sideparts and to snap them into place... More details added: Lamps and handles are somewhat flimsy. Fit of the lamp guard is so-so. The instructions want you to cut them somewhat down, but the lenghts given are misleading. Take your time to dry-fit. Enjoy! - dutik
  7. Ok here we go I have this conversion for almost a year now. Time to start the beast. I hope it will look like this when compleet. What i have for the start at the moment. The conversion set. A bit off reference. also i will use live resin weapons and some eduard an cobra company stuff(those pics ill follow) Time to cut some plastic but i still need to work on the mig. Mark
  8. I've had this old Testors kit kicking around the stash for ages. I bought it with the intention of building it which kept me from selling it when they were going for 250+ on Ebay because I thought, pffft, who's going to bring out another kit of this ugly looking tractor...hmm Dragon apparently. So since I passed up the chance to make a stonking great profit, I might as well build it. I have made some modifications. I left out most of the glass as looking at pictures these were either destroyed or removed anyway, I took the tools away from the back of the cab and I replaced the horrendous hard rubber tracks in the kit with some workable links from ModelKasten. All the stuff in the back came from the spares box along with the MP-40 holder in the cabin. To this, I added an Italeri ZIS-3 76mm anti tank gun. These weapons were captured by the hundreds and the Germans would often put them straight back into service, with some weapons being modified to fire German 75mm ammunition. For it's age the gun is pretty good and went together with minimal work.
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