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Found 12 results

  1. HI Guys after building my 1/32 F4U twins i wanted to have a short fun and easy project. So i pulled out my Bandai 1/44 AT-AT and my 1/48+1/144 Snow speeder, from the later i just took the 1/144 kit the 1/48 if for another time To go along my policy of always trying something new on each models i make, Snow was the new element! i actually made it today with the kids, was a super fun project, Shaving cream and baking soda! The models are all painted using AK interactive lacquers, mainly White gray, using the black basing technique to get some color depth then i used Flory washes and wrapped up some streaking using oils. for the snow speeder, the hope was that the steel wire would be strong enough to hold it but i didn't get that lucky, i tried to make stretched sprue with some clear sprues, i only succeeded once in making a nice thin strong one but it ended up being too short. so finally i added a small styrene rod to help support the weight. Here is the final result If you have never built a Bandai Star Wars kit you are missing out, these things are AMAZING. Hope you like it Cheers
  2. Hi fellow modellers Due to lack of time and space for next LSP-modelling project I was looking for some alternative project just to not get out of practise. I stumbled over a figure from Chronos Miniatures named „Master of Swords“ that surprisingly offered two heads. I chose to go with the Twi‘lek style head. After some research I decided to take a challenge with painting tattoos. Although far from LSP-modelling I hope you like the result. Thanks for watching Cheers Nils
  3. Hi Guys just finished my latest 1/12 Bandai kit the Shore Trooper. I recently built K2S0 and Immediately started going on a buying spreed because they are so fun to build and harder and harder to find, especially the rogue one I went for a somewhat weathered look, then i really wanted him to be on sand so i used grass(fine turf) from a woodland grass kit and i found it looks spot on I painted the kit with Badger paints(earth & roof brown) as i had the exact match, the color was so close that it was a real PITA to airbrush since i could not see where i had painted and not! then i applied the water slide decals and used random tamiya weathering products Hope you like it
  4. Neo

    Bandai K2SO

    Here is a little change of pace, i got a bunch of the Bandai Star wars kits, and since my 6 year old daughter is a huge fan we built this one together The kits are really amazing so we setup on the kitchen table with a sprue cutter some mixed nail files and we built it together. So much fun. Once K2 was all built i decided i wanted to make him look a little banged up. Started with a sponge and some humbrol aluminium made so random patches then i applied a mat coat. For oine my mat coat was so mat that he would literally look dark even in a lit up space! so i applied a small coat of Alclad light sheen To finish off i did some grey panel line was then pulled out the AK Track weathering set, and applied some rust, fresh oil stains and some engine grime Im super happy with the results and cant wait to build more. Im also hunting for more bandai kits!! Note : The blaster is from the Bandai ShoreTrooper kit
  5. Well gents, After working with pretty much all short run resin kits lately, and my last resin kit being one I had to prep for the US Nationals, I really needed something that would go together well and that was a fun IM kit to build that I wouldn't have to take too seriously. I also wanted something different to maybe help get the modeling juices flowing well before diving back into my HpH Tigercat and/or another aircraft side build. I was initially thinking starting my Revell P-51, but that too has some AM additions I wanted to add, and was probably going to be taken a bit more logically and seriously than I wanted. Having just got finished with my little Extra 330 SC, I wanted something on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, and I was also hunting around for something in my stash that ticked all of these boxes: - an IM kit - one that assembles/builds well with no complications - no AM really needed - nothing for competiion - something small that I could just have fun with - something different/unusual After scouring my stash, the GF suggested taking a look at the several Bandai Star Wars kits I have in the stash, including an AT-ST, a Snow Speeder, and this little guy, a Military Speeder bike + Scout Trooper in 1/12th scale. Perfect! It really fit the bill.................something different, easy to assemble, and something I could have some fun with in re: to paint and detailing that I wouldn't have to think too hard on. Most all of these Bandai kits have a stellar reputation for excellent detail, and super duper buildability. \ I really dig this kit, and the trooper they give you has a lot of cool features to him, including the ability to pose him standing beside the bike, or on the bike posed with a blaster in hand. Bandai also gives you two separate stands, one for a standing trooper, and a base with a partial tree on it, for an "in flight" mode display. Lets get into the kit shall we? It really is a neat little kit, and should be a refreshing break from the norm............. The box is decently sized and top opening with great box art on the cover, and a multitude of pics on the side of the various options to display the kit, including a couple pics from Episode VI: The Bandai instructions are really nice, and have exploded views of all the assembly steps, as wel as options to pose the bike and trooper when finished: The way Bandai has molded things is also very interesting.......................some sprue trees have multiple colors molded on the same sprue. A good example of this is the all white sprue for the trooper, that also contains a small section of tinted sprue with the troopers eye piece/goggle section. VERY professionally molded IMHO: These mulit-colored sprues are kinda strange looking, but all the sprue trees are very well molded with no flash, and really smooth texture. Some parts are more plastic like, and some are more rubber like, mostly the black joining parts where the trooper has to move/flex. These are suplemented by the white sprue that has most of the trooper exterior armor on it, and a 2nd smaller tan sprue section on the white sprue tree that contains the troopers souls for his boots: The base I intend to use is the "in flight" display with a mossy/forest style base with a partial tree section that gives the impression that the bike is in repulsor mode hovering. Its simple, but quite well done, and will give me an opportunity to play around with some diorama base scenery stuff, and really weather it up good with some moss, weeds and dirt and some vines: I have also thought about having some real fun with this kit...............I thought about the Empires Scout Troopers armor, and how Wookipidia (lol!) says that generally any of the "Clone" Scout Troopers that were sent to forested planets or the like were issued camo style armor instead of the all white issued armor the normal Empire Scout Troopers had. Something like this: I got to thinking about how easy/hard it may be to reproduce a really neat/well done camo on my Trooper, so I invested in some 1/16th scale "Digital Camo" decals from CrossDelta. Ive heard people swear by these, and then heard people not be able to use them to save their soul. So Im going to invest in some Mr Mark softner/setter and probably engage Bill Cross who has had experience using these types of decals. I thought the camo was pretty cool looking and would add a lot of visual interest to the Trooper (and make a LOT more sense to me as a camouflage in a forested area like on Endor). I plan on painting the white parts of the troopers armor a light OD color, then apply a gloss (if needed) and then the decals per some vids IVe seen, and/or any tips Bill can give me : Ive also picked out a nice selection of appropriate colors in my MRP range that would accent the decals well, and that I could use oils with to highlight some of the areas that are supposed to be flexible or fabric areas on the trooper as well: \ Bandai has done a really nice job with these kits, and if you ever want to try something off the beaten path, they might be just the thing to kick start some modelling MoJo! Ive already made a small start on the trooper by coloring his goggle area with some Tamiya clear green, and tonight Ill probably move onto attempting to smooth out some of the seams on the trooper himeself, and work toward getting some OD color on him till my camo decals arrive. Cheers till later!
  6. Well, it's been a long week and my work bench is in shambles at the moment due to a complete reorganization of the basement so I decided to build something that: 1) I could skip using glue, paint, and filler 2) build on the dining table 3) and most importantly, finish in one sitting So I went through my stash of Bandai kits and picked this one out. Carl
  7. Well, it's the first of three year and was just itching to start a new build. Never mind the number already clogging my workbench. So this is what I pulled out of the stash: A view of the contents:
  8. After the challenge of building the Czech Master T-33, I decided I wanted a more relaxed project as a follow up. I was thinking of the Meng Kids B-17 but couldn't find suitably sized decals in time. So this kit came out of the stash: It checks all the boxes in terms of a non serious build: press/snap fit construction; moulded in colour; moving parts and lights; and lastly, stickers(!). With the box open, here's what greets you: More to come Carl
  9. Seeing that it's been over a month since I built one of the Bandai Star Wars kits, I thought I'd give this one a go. One reason I picked it was the majority of the kit is gold plated which means there wouldn't be much painting. There are a few bits that weren't plated but just moulded in gold coloured plastic so I gave those parts a coat of Mr Metal Color Gold. I started assembly with Threepio's head. There's an optional face piece with a dent in it that you can use but I went with the unblemished one. Next up was the hips followed by the upper torso. Again, there's an optional piece if you want to have the restraining bolt the Jawas put on him.
  10. I hadn't really planned to start this but I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with my Mossie builds. I will also be spending most/all of my free time for the next few days getting Halloween costumes ready for my two sons for the 31st. So this seemed like it would be a quick project. I mean, press fit assembly, one colour, how hard could it be? Here's the box contents: Yup, lots of black plastic. Kev had a concern that the kit was mostly an unassembled action figure so time to find out I guess. Upon close examination of the sprues, Bandai has really paid attention to nhoie they've moulded the figure. There are parts that have a high gloss finish and others that are more matte or semigloss.
  11. So here's one out of the stash. It's not the new Bandai release that everyone (well, Star Wars fans) have been clamouring over but I have it. I figure this will make a decent trial run for when I get to the 1/72 one in the stash. There's not a lot of parts in the kit surprisingly: One of the update sets I have is for the grills on the rear of the upper hull. You have to remove the existing detail first which I did using a r/c body reaming tool. Here's the first one done: And with all of them reamed out. I then installed the resin replacements from beneath. After painting, you add some PE grills over top.
  12. With all the recent modeler's block and frustrations surrounding a couple of my current LSP builds, I decided maybe I should find a simpler, less stressful build to work on. I decided on the Fine Molds 1/48 X-Wing fighter kit. Fine Molds is a Japanese model company and they have focused on mostly Japanese modeling subjects. Around 2000, they received a license to produce Star Wars models. Most have been in 1/72 scale with a couple in 1/48 and 1/44. The kits are so much better than the old MPC kits that came out at the same time as the original three films. This particular kit was released in 2007 and is a snap together kit with your choice or decals or stickers for the markings. I had started it back then but didn't get very far with the build. Anyways, it was just what I needed.
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