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Found 6 results

  1. Alright! Woo Woo! After 6 pretty intense months and probably 400 hours, I'm calling this one done. It's my first large scale plane I've completed, which is something since I've started 3 or 4 over the years only to end in nothing. It's kind of mixed emotions thing now that it's done. I've been really hard on myself to keep the quality and accuracy maximized while at the same admitting I'm new and exploring and learning and failing all along the way. It's like a crash, I've worked really really hard to hide. The Fury is a great subject for scratch, a great plane to begin with, and a gem in the
  2. To keep my motivation going, I have decided to dabble in a little scratch building in between a demanding model project. As my modelling passion is themed on Greek and Swedish aircraft, I needed something small and (relatively) simple to scratch build. Also, as I have only limited availability to my modelling materials and tools at present, I need to use what is at hand - so I am going to turn a pile of scrap vacform kit backing plastic into two 1/32 scale MFI-9B aircraft. Derek
  3. Ok, I know what you are saying..they do not make a 1/24th scale Hawker Fury.. and that's true. So, let's see if I can make one. This is a dare of sorts because I've not done a scratch project of this size ever, though I have done a series of five 1/144th scale planes this past year all from scratch and with reasonable success across a wide range of planes from a tiny Bf-109 the size of a butterfly to a sizable 8" long P-3C Orion. I think I meet the basic prerequisites, though honestly anyone can do this (kindergartners with clay and wood are remarkably fearless artists). That said, there
  4. After Photobucket tried to ransom $300 out of me to save my build thread history, I was pretty pissed off to say the least! I do not think I have it as bad as others, and you all have my sympathy for those who lost more in "the fire". I'm cooled off now and decided to let a new day dawn, this time with Imageshack whose reasonable $20 annual fee is so much in synch with my needs. (IMGUR testing failed: I did not like the social media side of it, yuch). I want to preserve the history of the build here but will only reach as far as a "best of" pictorial review of the work. No stories of m
  5. I've been kicking an Idea around for quite some time. I want to do a scratch built 1/24 scale B-25J under restoration. I will leave the tail section off and the outer wing panels off. It wont have any engines and will have some skin removed as if repairing support structure. I have done quite a bit of research on B-25's under restoration, tons of pictures and have looked at AVIALOGS website to collect information. What I cant find are the diagrams and blueprints, schematics that I see the masters here using. Where does one get that kind of reference material? I have been paying
  6. Here's progress on the Bearcat I've mentioned in my Fury Thread. Stuff is happening with this build though the Fury is still #1 on the bench for takeoff. I thought I'd delay starting this thread as pressure to work on the Fury, but then I thought I'd be so lagged with pictures I figured I better start logging the work before it's too late. So far I've learned a lot about CAD and 3D printing in the last few months. That's certainly a world, one I can't believe I broke into thinking that was simply something for others and honestly not that in love with more time in front of a screen (I do
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