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Found 5 results

  1. Hi fellow modellers Due to lack of time and space for next LSP-modelling project I was looking for some alternative project just to not get out of practise. I stumbled over a figure from Chronos Miniatures named „Master of Swords“ that surprisingly offered two heads. I chose to go with the Twi‘lek style head. After some research I decided to take a challenge with painting tattoos. Although far from LSP-modelling I hope you like the result. Thanks for watching Cheers Nils
  2. "We're off to outer space!..." I decided to pull a kit out of the stash and give it a go. JohnnyCrash said I should get something sci-fi built so I picked this one: It's the primary space fighter for the Earth Defence Force from the original Space Battleship Yamato anime. The EX series was launched by Bandai as their advanced series of kits in terms of details and assembly. That being said, it's still a press fit kit but at least it comes with decals instead of stickers. Upon opening the kit, I noticed that some parts had been painted with primer but that was all. I have a feeling that I shelved it based on the complicated paint scheme. The instructions include templates for the big arrow markings so I think I'm up to the challenge now. Here are some of the locating pins. Even though the fit is very precise, I still used some cement. It's the only way to be sure. The fuselage and wings together. The cockpit goes in after. Hey, an aircraft model where you don't build the cockpit as the first step Carl
  3. I have an Airfix mossie project in mind but it is fermenting, meanwhile, relaxing with some railroading: I bashed this together from bits, pieces and stuff found lying around. It protects the Ork and Western Railroad from all manner of threats, real or imagined.
  4. Well, I decided to take a quick break from the AWV GB and build something less involved: This is the recent release from Bandai in their Mecha Collection series of small scale ships from the recent Space Battleship Yamato 2199 anime series. I remember watching the English dubbed version which was called Star Blazers weekday mornings and then running to school so I wouldn't be late. It's a small snap kit, but has quite a bit of detail to it: Oh yeah, it's molded in colour too with the parts breakdown based on the main colour scheme.:
  5. Here's something different and I haven't seen too many of these around: It's from a live action movie from the late '80s made by the same studio that does the Japanese Godzilla films. I remember seeing parts of it that were used in the Front Line Assembly video for their song Mindphaser Although the box is fairly large (about the size of Tamiya's Spitfire box but thicker). the kit itself is not very large once completed. There are quite a few parts though. The kit is a snap together or more precisely, press fit with some VERY positive fitting pins: and joined together
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