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Found 2 results

  1. Back in early 2016, I started the build of Trumpeter's P-47D Razorback. I bought a whole stack of Eduard etch, along with some Zotz decals and the whole thing had cost a few bucks, thinking I was going to build something special. I like early Thunderbolts, so all gung ho, I piled in. I like LSP's to have a nice engine, as this is as interesting to me as the plane itself, so this is where I started. First up, I glued the cylinder rows together and painted them, together with the rear gear train and drives, pushrods, induction manifold, reduction gear and magnetos. Everything here has been brush painted. I also started on the supercharger ducting. After a few weeks, I'd got a bit further and more or less had the ducting complete, but the engine was going badly. First of all, I messed up the rockers and oil pipes at the top of each cylinder, so these were removed and replaced with an alternate set that the kit provides. Annoying, as they're the wrong ones (I think) for this engine. Then I started having fitment issues, the worst of which was that there was no way I could line up the cylinder rows when dry fitting, so that both the rear drive case and front reduction gear would line up. Don't ask me what I was doing wrong, as I had no idea. I could get the centre baffle, both cylinder rows and induction manifold together, but the rear drive case and front reduction gear would not line up properly. And I wasn't happy with how the plug wire collector ring would fitted either. All in all, after hours of trying to figure it out, I was getting a bit depressed with this build, and from previous Trumpy builds, I was not as impressed with their kits as I once was with their kits. Then I looked at the Eduard etch, and all those plug wires and thought "Sod this for a joke. The Shelf of Doom is where this kit belongs, alongside their P-51B". And that's where it's been ever since, and I got on with my Meteor Mk IV instead which was far more enjoyable. The P-51B is still there, along with slightly less Eduard etch and more Zotz decals, and likely to stay there until the archeologists dig up the remains of my house. There's hope for the Zotz decals, however, if ZM ever release their P-51B. I'm not a big Mustang fan, but I would like to add a nice B or C model to collection. The P-47, however, was a different kettle of fish as it's a much better kit than the 'Stang, and something I wanted to build eventually, so after the last of my Russian planes I built for the Eastern Front GB, I decided to cautiously take a look at it again. I think my modelling has improved in the last four years, so I feel a little more confident that this won't be returned to the SOD. Over the last two or so weeks, I've been working on that engine. I'm still not promising that I'm going to complete this build this time, as I still think this is the worst kit I've worked on since 2016. But it's after 1.00am now, and I have an early wake up tomorrow, so I'll present my progress another time. Cheers, Michael
  2. Hi, i decided to show my new project which is older version of Thunderbolt. I will add Eduard etch for cockpit and cut out a panel on side to show guts behind engine. Trumpeter provided many interior goods so it's really a shame not to present them. Painting will be Pied Paper or Passionate Patsy, unfortunately Kagero done decals only for Bubbletop Patsy, so i have artwork only, without serial number on tail (problem) or code on side (smaller problem). Does anybody have photo of Razorback Patsy with 3 downed planes? I have seen model with that but have only photos where plane is without them. Seat is for P-400 Special Hobby but seems legit for P-47. I will need to repait it.
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