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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, 16 years ago as a London Baptist Pastor I moonlighted in my spare time my AIMS hobby. Shortly after releasing the Ju 88 G-6 conversion I presented as best I could the Mistel S3. The resin parts were mostly solid due to the limitations of the equipment I had back then and sadly also the first batch included vacform parts that were not provided to me in UV resistant Pet G as requested and so over the years turned yellow. Well fast forward a few years and I started being able to cast thinner and hollow parts and anyone that contacted me about the yellow vacforms got replacements but the years and many many models shows have not been kind to the poor old girl and so during this time while I am away from AIMS recovering from hand and elbow surgery it is time for a re-think! The 1/32 AIMS Mistel S3 had been made purely for display purposes with no fine details either represented or painted - in fact I have a whole Ikea wardrobe full of the beasts! (other companies make wardrobes lol). Now that their original purpose is no more - as on the rare occasion when I can do a model show I cannot haul around a whole table's worth of Ju 88 display conversions - I am hoping instead to slowly get them finished. Obviously trying to finish a model after it has been - er...finished....is not ideal but i hope I can do something with the poor things. At a glance my Mistel S3 looked the easiest and quickest to over-haul but I am my own worst enemy and so instead to just ripping the canopy off, finishing the cockpit, and then filling and painting the model etc, I have ended up instead basically rebuilding the entire model! Away went the solid engines and solid fuselage extension; and I thought at the same time I may as well chain drill out the rear bomb bay doors, other hatches and the rear gear bay doors. In has gone my latter edition hollow fuselage extension (followed soon by my hollow engines), AIMS tail wheel set and rear fuel tank set, and finally some work to the cockpit. I await a test shot of my own AIMS rear gear bay set and then they can be fitted out also. So what a mess! I can only do a little bit each day due to my hands but actually the pain from the modelling is nothing compared to the pain using the computer and writing this. Anyway intro over, I hope you like and will enjoy it developing. I will be seeking to model Mistel S3 W.Nr. 460066 which was found without a Fw 190 composite - so that will save some work haha. A Very Happy Christmas to you all.
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