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Found 3 results

  1. So I have decided to join this GB to get a break from my other 'larger' projects. I have taken my old Hasegawa 1/32 Komet apart. Originally I build this kit in the seventies... Aftermarket parts I plan to use is Eduard's for the Hasegawa kit... Stripped the kit from old paint and beginning to rescribe the panel lines...
  2. I spend much of today at the Udvar Hazy open house and it was terrific. I thought I would post some pictures I took in case anyone is modeling a couple of the more unusual subjects. I've barely touched up these photos so if you are REALLY interested, let me know and I can send you the RAW files, or clean them up a bit. Here is the link to my ImageShack folder for the Me 163 . Enjoy! Chris
  3. Hi all, I've posted this over on Hyperscale too, so please forgive the duplication if any of you have already seen it. I've been plugging away at Meng's nifty little 1/32 Me 163B Komet for a while now and I'm just about ready to button up the fuselage. I'm planning to do it all closed up, so all of that lovely fuselage interior and engine detail will be forever hidden. I had every intention of doing it OOB, or nearly so, but I turned up a crap ton of excellent cockpit reference photos on the web and I just couldn't help myself. So I added a bunch of plumbing, wiring and control linkages to the cockpit, along with HGW's awesome textile belts and a headrest from Milliput. The instruments are Airscale decals with epoxy glue for the glass. The kit engine is a little jewel and just cried out to be painted and weathered despite the fact that I'll be locking it away inside the fuselage. I haven't done too much extra work to the engine aside from replacing the kit plumbing with solder and brass rod, mainly because it was easier to do so rather than trying to clean up the oh-so-delicate kit parts. I've actually obtained another engine sprue from Meng which I plan to detail further (again, heaps of great reference pics available online) and display along side the finished model. I've been having a tough time getting the innards to fit properly between the fuselage halves. I've deviated from the instructions and have joined the fore and aft fuselage pieces and attached the wings before joining the fuselage halves together. There's a lot of stuff that has to line up very precisely and any tolerance stacking can throw it off. I've been dry fitting to identify where things interfere and then Dremeling to create clearances. I've not read of any significant fit issues in any other online builds or reviews, so I suspect that my issues are somewhat self-imposed. Questions and constructive criticism are more than welcome Anyhoo, the pics: Cheers, Tony Bell
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