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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! Here is my entry for this group build! I bought this kit when I was around 20 years old, and had decided to improve it quite a bit at the time. Looking at the parts today, I had too much ambition for my abilities, trying to thin the engine cowls and wing trailing edges. I didn't have the tools or experience and had mixed results when using the materials I had on hand. I finally gave up after thinning all the trailing edges except the ailerons... Now with much more reference material, on line references and other builds here on LSP,
  2. Good Evening All- I have decided to enter yet another groupbuild with this ancient monstrosity........... I will be using the ancient Matchbox kit to build either the famous Black 3 or Black 8 from North Africa, Jg 27. I intend to keep the build as simple as I can, and add a few scratch details as I go to improve certain areas. The aim is to try and prove what can be done with a small amount of effort on a kit that is as old as I am......A real "Classic Bash". This kit had a small amount of assembly done on its motor, but it is cleanly done and well bellow the 25% threshhold. Hope you
  3. Hi, All In January 2017 I decided to restart old Revell's Spitfire Mk. 22/24 kit, which I started around a year earlier, but gave up temporarily due to its poor fit and lack of detail - and the most important, lack of idea, how to paint it. This time however it was most of all to be an exercise in rescribing, scratch-building and riveting (using RB tool and must say it was fun) - did this all for the very first time in such a large scale, so didn't want to spoil any better or more expensive kit... Therefore added here some more details: upgraded wheel wells and new landing gear cov
  4. Here's my entry into the GB: It looks like Revell removed the original Matchbox copyright and logos getting the mould here: I'm painting to deviate a bit from the instructions in the hope that it'll make assembly easier, particularly around the wing root area. As for AM, I'm going to throw a bit at it, mostly some leftover Tamiya bits and new belts. Carl
  5. Here's my entry for a wonderful GB on yet another forum which theme is; "The name of the subject needs to have an animal in it...". The options are endless, and I decided to dive into the stash and grab one of my antiques. And I have plenty of antiques to chose from... But only one that ticks all of my -and- all of the GBs boxes... Matchbox kit? Check. 1/32 scale, and thus a nice big canvas to work with? Check. Room for improvement with minimal scratchbuilding? Check. Fits into the GB? TRRRRRIPLE CHECK BABY!! Tiger >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger Moth >> https://en.
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