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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Team Well the time has come. I was waiting to start this build thread until I had more to show, but with all the discussion going on at the moment I figured it was time to set this up. Firstly to Mike Swinburne for selling me this kit and conversion for such an awesome price, for that I am indebted...thank you sir! My main interest in modelling is NZ Aviation in 32nd (and one Mosquito in 24th). But for some inexplicable reason I have LOVED the Brit Phantom (I think you guys call her a Toom?) and as a kid in the 70's saving up and buying the old matchbox kit, which I flew around my bedroom uncountable times, then Hasegawa's 1/48 came out. But I had an old Scale Models magazine that had a 1/32 conversion of the old Revell kit to an F-4M (I held onto that for years...wish I still had it!). Maybe someone could scan it and post it here for nostalgic reasons? Then came Frank Mitchells wonderful conversion, what an inspiration for me. I brought a Tamiya 'J' and had dreams of converting one myself. However, that went into the 'too hard' basket as there was just too much conflicting information on sizes and shapes. I didnt have access to one from over here and sadly gave up. Then came the Wild Hare Super Massive conversion done by Klaus with the Help of Frank Mitchell. Long story short, I never got one in the end.... However Mike to the rescue and I Finally got one!!! For all the bad press going on with supply of the kits etc I am still indebted to these guys for what they achieved. In fact, until you look at the contents and decal sheets it was immediately clear this was an enormous task he took on. I have never seen a conversion quite like it, nor have since. There must have been an enormous amount of time needed just to produce just one conversion for market. Anyway, here we are. A couple of people so far have been an enormous amount of help to me so far, that being our own Iain Ogilvie and Derek Bradshaw as well as a chap through Britmodeller called Antti (you guys rock, thank you all!!) Chek and Cees have been (unknown to them) a great and inspiration for me with their builds. I am still undecided on which airframe to build, but am pretty sure it will be this one, photo courtesy of Iain Ogilvie Love the mix of Firebird and Tiger markings There is a great photo ref here on Britmodeller Hope Julian doesn't mind me linking here, but a fantastic set of photo's https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234949864-mcdonnell-fg1-fgr2-phantom/ I am really relying all your input here, and hope this turns into, not just a build thread but a discussion on all things British Phantom's, modelling, conversion prospects etc. Feel free to criticize my work and put me straight on stuff. I dont have access to an FGR.2 so will rely on your input. If you are aware of issues with the WH conversion, then please make them known to me. I know of some like the intakes being too wide, panel lines mostly wrong etc. I have a feeling the Vari-ramps are incorrect too for a Brit Phantom. Need to be longer (?) and they definitely have a different pattern of holes on the splitter ramp. I really want to fulfill my childhood dream with this one and want to get it correct. Next post will be onto the build and where I am at so far Cheers guys Anthony
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