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Found 9 results

  1. Lukgraph's stunning Dragon Rapide/Dominie in the spotlight: In the topsy-turvy World we currently find ourselves in, this kit makes me happy! Have fun, Iain
  2. ok here my entry its a small nice plane its my first kit from this brand full resin but the castings and the fitting looks verry good Mark
  3. With Toryu almost finished it's time to start another build. Lukgraph is producing range of some really great kits and I like all US Navy biplanes This Command aircraft is special with the not so typical glossy navy blue and silver finish. Having built Vought SBU already 2 years ago I know what to expect and I think this will be trouble free and straightforward build. What's in the box The best on this will be finish. Almost no weathering Thanks for looking jan
  4. Hello here a quick revieuw for this wonderfull kit This is the first kit i have from this brand and i must say im impresd whit what i see in the box the box when you open the box you find a lot of zipbags with the parts nicly packd and i found no broken parts The major parts out the box and the casting blocks alraedy removed from the parts also nice PE set A detail off the feuselage The floats everything is packedin seperat zipbags what is easy all parts for engine are in one bag
  5. Hi guys I finally managed to finish Lublin. Not my best build overall, however it's a nice and quite simple kit, compared to other resin biplanes The most challenging was to keep the geometry of all struts and to clean small resin details  Painted with Mr. Color and Mr. Paint, weathering done with AMMO of Mig Jimenez stuff. Glue used - mainly HPH epoxy and different Loctite's superglues. You can find WIP build here Thanks for looking jan
  6. Hi guys, Let me present you my recently finished Vought SBU-1 from Lukgraph. You can take a look at WIP thread here Build took me 2 months. It`s really nice and quite easy kit of beautiful plane. No fit issues, nice decals and simple ringing. Wing struts aligment and vacuformed canopy were the biggest challenges for me. Painted with Mr. Color, Mr. Paint and Alclads paints. Filters, Pigments and panel line washes from AMMO. this is already my 3rd resin Navy biplane finished this year so it`s time to start with something different (search and rescue calls my name) thanks for
  7. This is brand new resin model from Lukgraph. Was really looking forward for it because it`s not so well known plane, but really nice one. And you can choose from several colorfull schemes. Initially I was thinking that I will start build it after I will finish my current ongoing project. But I could not resist after I have opened box and saw all that resin parts and nice additions. So I will run this build along with my Uhu and Me-262 projects. What is in box? several bags with resin parts instructions PE`s nice additional stuff (personalized card, canopy masks, s
  8. Hi guys, I would like to present you my recently finished Boeing F3B from Lukgraph WIP thread you can find here Overall it was easy relaxing build, with just few minor things to correct Painted with Mr.Color and Mr.Paint paints, subtle wetahering with Ammo products There is not much reference online for this particular plane, even I did at the end quite extensive research. So mostly I was following instructions What I really liked, was the painting process, because these command planes were maintained to highly polished finish. So no heavy weathering was needed. Still I am
  9. Hi guys, I have decided to build this superb blue-silver bird, while working on the Stearman. My plan is to build it OOB, with polished and clean finish. I briefly looked at the history of this machine on web and collected all photos I was able to find but still do not have any photo of cockpit, so appreciate any help or advice here are some photos of kit content and details, build photos will follow in upcoming days and nice touch from Lukasz - dedicated card thanks for looking jan
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